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First Time in the Mediterrean - Need Help!



This is our first time crossing the ocean for a cruise...........HELP! September 16 on the Galaxy.

Suggestions for good air fare from NYC to Rome?

Hotels in Rome - any good budget hotels you have stayed at and can recommend? There are so many hotels, it is difficult to know which ones are in a good location and are decent. Don't want to spend as much on hotels as we are spending on the c ruise, if you kow what I mean!

Private excursions booked via internet. Any good ones you can recommend? We will be visiting:

Rome, Naples, Messina, Genoa, Villafranche, Mykonos, Santoroni. We usually book on our own and find others on the ship or on the boards to join us.

Any "must do and see" excursions and places not to miss.

Any helpful hints on spending money..........(we all know how to do this).............cash, credit card, exchange American $$$ to Euros? I am clueless about all this. I have lots of time to spend ont he Internet doing research, guess it will keep me busy for the next 8 months!

Many thanks for any insight and wisdom you can share with this not too savy European traveler.


Woow...you really have a some questions!!!!

I will tell you something about my experience: We were in Naples on a cruise ship last year and we have been able to see Pompeii and
the Amalfi Coast in one day, 9 hrs. We hired Benvenuto Limos and they did a great job. We paid 550 Euro for 6 people with a private tour of Pompeii.
Our driver was great (I cannot remember the name). Their e-mail address is info@benvenutolimos.com and website www.benvenutolimos.com

Then in France we used revelationtours, I think their website is: www.revelationtours.com but I am not sure about it.

P.S. Oops...We used those guys (benvenutolimos) in Rome and Florence too and they did a great job there too.


Many thanks

I am gathering information and will be an 'educated consumer' when all this is finished. Have air booked but not hotel, limos or excursions yet.

Looking for passengers on our cruise to share the cost of the excursions.....hope we find some!


I know I was simply joking.

Check out cruisecritic and cruisemates too.

Something I learned onboard DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR MONEY on the ship, it is to expensive. It was a rip off when I did it.



It's deja vu time...
"jany" is a FRAUD.

DO NOT USE "romeinlimo.com"...
A few weeks back , on another cruise board, some poster registered and then posted...about 100 times , in answer to anything that remotely mentioned tour guides in Italy, SPAM for this "romeinlimo.com" outfit...All of them CLAIMING to be personal recommendations or recommendations from friends...

All were clearly the work of the operator himself...

Looks like he's found THIS board now...


Marion Paris


Thanks for the information regarding the "SPAM" that has crossed the boards.

You never know.

I usually check on several boards but you can never be certain, right:?


We stayed in the Sant Angelo Hotel a few years ago. It's about 15 minutes walk from St Peter's Square but on the opposite side of the Tiber from the other main tourist areas. It's not brilliant but we thought we had a reasonable balance between location, quality and price.
Money - definitely get some Euros before you travel. UK visitors to mainland Europe are usually best to take a few days supply of cash and use hole in the wall machines with their visa card to get more when needed. Hopefully someone on your side of the pond will be able to advise if this is best with US bank accounts - the alternative would be Euro travellers cheques from one of the major suppliers. Most restaurants and shops in the main tourist areas will accept major debit or credit cards for meals or reasonable purchases (they might add a surcharge if you use your card for trifling amounts) - if in doubt ask before you commit to spending. PLEASE don't emulate the two middle aged American ladies we saw in a restaurant in Rome trying to pay a 30 euro bill with a 100 USD note on the grounds that the exchange rate at the time was almost exactly one to one.
The only one of your destinations I've visited is Rome. First you have to get there - cruise ships usually go to Civitavecchia which is an hour or more from Rome. You can get round a lot of the main sights by foot if you're fit. The most popular indoor attractions such as the Vatican museums & Sistine Chapel can involve a long wait and might not be a good use of limited shore time.
If you're going to have several stops in Ialy it would be well worth learning some basic Italian before you go. Although nearly everyone will speak some English, they really do appreciate it if you make the effort.