first time on Cruise with 2 little boys, any suggestions?



Hi, my family will go on the NCL Pearl this Sept to SFO and LAX.
I checked the website, they separate out kids as age 2 to 5 AND 6 to 9, my kids are 3 and 6 so they fall into two separate group, but I would like them to be able to play together, do you have any previous experience on this, shall I lie to them and put my older one in the 2 to 5 age group?
Can anyone advise how to book the restaurant or just walk in, will it be fine? I know it's silly question but can you recommend any restaurant that you like on the Pearl, no spicy please.
Could you recommend some activities that Kids should not miss on this ship?

Really appreciated your comment and suggestions!



Well I hope you enjoy the Pearl as much as most cruisers do and hope the boys enjoy cruising and the kids program. It is among the best at sea. Lie about the age, you can try or better tell the truth and see if you can get the older one with the younger one. If they bend at all it is that direction. They will never allow younger kids to move up. I will tell you, the sign and sale cards or wrist bands have the kids ages, so I don't think you will have any luck.

There is no reason to book or reserve restaurants except for the specialty one with extra charges. If you want to try one, which I do recommend, I would opt for Le Bistro, it is their signature dining room, NCL was the first to offer specialty dining so the restaurant is worth the extra price. I would suggest you let the kids go to the kids camp that night, but it is up to you. The dinner will be about 2 hours long. If they are used to eating in upscale dining rooms then take them.

As for any other dining venue, for all of you, be sure and go to Blue Lagoon for lunch, late night snack or even dinner one night. It is more like a hamburger stand, they have great fish and chips, baffalo wings and good soups, plus hamburgers, tuna melts, that sort of thing. The helpings can be small so you may want to order double.

Hope this gives you some ideas.