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First Time on NCL

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Romana, May 11, 2009.

  1. Romana

    Romana Guest

    In November I will go on a cruise with my 73 year old mom. She gets sick if she is in the sun very much and she has never cruised.
    I never went on NCL - we are going on the 4 day Bahamas. Lots of questions -
    1) IS the Grand Bahama Island - docked or tendered?
    2) IS coffee & juice included?
    3) What do you recommend to do to avoid long exposures to sun in Grand Bahama?
    4) Any links to pictures of ship (inside & out) trip in the Bahama's?
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Juice and regular coffee is included. The specialty coffees cost extra.

    For the sun, wear a wide brim hat and if necessary, bring an umbrella. Also, wear long, loose fitting, tight weave white clothing. Look at how the Arabs dress. They spend a lot of time in the sun.

    If you want pictures of the ship, you have to indicate which ship are you going to be on.
  3. There is no reason for anyone to spend too much time in the sun. Yes, a rimmed hat will help, and you can always find shade. Juice in available at breakfast only, both in the buffet and the dining room. You can get coffee almost anytime including capachino (spelling)

  4. Romana

    Romana Guest

    We are going on the Norweigan Sky. I have been on Royal Carribean.
  5. Which RCI ship have you sailed?

  6. Romana

    Romana Guest

    I have never sailed on NCL. I have been on two Royal Carribean ships Enchantment of the Seas & Majesty.
    Mom has never sailed. I probably should not have booked the Bahama's but it's too late now so I want it to be fun, interesting and so she doesn't get sick.
  7. Why are you saying, you should not have booked the BAhamas. When you are doing a short cruise, you don't have too many choices. You are going during the cool season, you will be fine. Knowing which RCI ships you have sailed, I am sure you will be happy with the SKy. Now, enjoy the cruise, come and ask questions and don't worry. Mom will be fine.

  8. Romana

    Romana Guest

    Yes thank you, I am over analyzing this. It's a cruise!! It is going to be a blast!
    I can't wait - I wish I was leaving tomorrow! This will be a new experience for her and I think she will enjoy it.
  9. I am sure she will. It is very rare anyone does not enjoy cruising. I have never seen stats, but I am guessing, about 70% of those who cruise can't wait to repeat, 20% can take it or leave it and yes,there will be a handful that will never cruise again. My cousin went with me on her first cruise a couple of years ago, she was 72 and loved every minute..My mother in law was about 80 the first time she cruised.

  10. demonata94

    demonata94 Guest

    You are going to have loads of fun no matter what. Coffee and juice were included on my last cruise and the bahamas were sunny but theres plenty of places indoors to relax. Bars, Resorts and shops.
  11. pattyfrompa

    pattyfrompa Well-Known Member

    I was on Sky last December with my DH and grandson. Although it was not my favorite ship, there is entertainment that she will enjoy and there is plenty of sunless spots on deck that she can be shaded. As for going into town on either one, in the Grand Bahamas there are shops close by that will shelter her and in Nassau it isn't that far to town either (walking). The weather is not as scorching in winter so I am sure she will have a wonderful time. Enjoy your time together because, like me, you don't want to "wish" that you had done something like that with her.

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