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Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by jsully69, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. jsully69

    jsully69 Guest

    I was wondering since this is my first cruise with Princess, will they upgrade me?
    I heard they are pretty generous on this issue.
  2. Houstonandy

    Houstonandy Guest

    The first time we booked on Princess, we booked a "guaranteed" outside cabin on the Royal, and were upgraded 5!!! cabin levels. My sister-in-law recently was a first timer on Princess and they upgraded her to an A deck balcony when she paid for the least expensive balcony....this was probably also because she was a first time with them.

    My husband and I are platinum with Princess, so we've cruised with them lots, we were only upgraded one other time since the first cruise. At this time, we're pretty satisfied choosing our cabin, and the past passenger deals are so attractive, we don't worry about the upgrades at all. Have fun!!! Andrea
  3. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    It's a crap shoot. Sometimes they upgrade, other times they don't. I have heard many times of first time Princess cruisers getting upgraded. Our last cruise (Coral) was the first time Princess didn't upgrade us in the previous six cruises. We always book a "guarantee" stateroom. We believe that if you make a guarantee booking instead of requesting a particular stateroom that you have a much better chance of moving up the ranks.
  4. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    My first Princess cruise I got bumped up 13 levels..paid for inside bunkbeds on Plaza bottom of the ship...16 months later at sailing....got a Oceanview Queen on Caribe.:grin....never been bumped since..but since I pick a specific cabin room .I'm always happy with what we get..enjoy!!..:)..Joanne
  5. FranD

    FranD Guest

    In Nov 04, our first Princess cruise (Caribbean Princess) we had picked our inside cabin midship. Arrived on ship to an outside!! Location, however, was not that great, all the way forward. Had some rough seas and very glad we are not prone to motion sickness!LOL! Cheers!
  6. Olga

    Olga Guest

    Fran, interesting that they upgraded you without your knowledge. You had a cabin picked and not guarantee? Hmmm, say it was more important to be in a good location than have a window....could you have kept your original cabin?
  7. Olga

    Olga Guest

    I'm bumping this up plus I have a new question:

    We are booked with Princess for late April. We have a BC Guarantee and the Princess website has had a cabin # in place for months now. With less than 4 weeks to go, might that number change before we get to the port? Then once at the port, could it change again?

    I haven't received my Tix yet, but if the guaranteed cabin is on the tix, is that pretty much final? Ship is pretty much sold out except for the highest end cabins.
  8. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    Is the cabin that shows a BC?
    If it is I doubt that it would change.
    If it is lower than a BC than I would think that it would change.
  9. p.g.

    p.g. Guest

    Colo Cruiser, It couldn't be lower than a BC since they booked a BC guarantee.That gurantees them the LOWEST they would get is a BC.

    On our first Princess cruise we booked an inside guarantee and got an upgrade to a BALCONEY!!!!! That of course ruined us forever! Last time ( April) we booked a balconey guarantee( the lowest, BF) and we're only upgraded within catergory, to the highest cat balcony(BA). BUT, we could have gotten a mni instead we took 250 cash back . This was done by checking the prices right before final payment and as prices dropped they upgrade you, we then decided to not take the mini but to get the money.
  10. ready2go2

    ready2go2 Guest

    I booked (with vacationstogo.com) for an obstructed window guarantee, got my documents with our cabin number, is it still possible to be upgraded, even though they assigned us a cabin? This is our first cruise with Princess. I am not expecting an upgrade,but I sure would love it :)
  11. anthonywebb8

    anthonywebb8 Guest

    this is going to be our 1st cruise, we have got a inside cabin on emerald deck on the sea princess.we are getting married onboard this ship, do you think we might get upgraded.
  12. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :wave =welcome to cruise @ddicts, on the upgrade..it depends..if you have a "guarantee inside booking"..it's a crap shoot..if you just booked the lowest grade inside , same thing..if the ship sells out quickly and yet folks keep asking to book insides there very well could be a tremendous chance you get upgraded HIGHER INSIDE on the ship say to Caribe, Baja, or Aloha, an outside chance to get an outside oceanview window, ...

    The Upgrade Fairy would have to be working lot's of overtime to get you a balcony..BUT it does happen..you just never know..=shrug..post often.."nice to meet you" come visit on the main community forum too , ask all the questions you need....Congratulations on your upcoming wedding too...:).....:daisy....Joanne
  13. higavin

    higavin Guest

    For what it's worth,

    We sail 4-9-05 on the Grand.


    We picked a particular cabin based on a recommendation from our TA and from reading this forum. It's a BA, Balcony on Caribe.

    We're perfectly happy with that spot but we would be open to an upgrade if offered.

    More out of curiosity than anything else, I called Princess and asked how much room was left on the Grand for our cruise and was told they had ONE cabin left, an ocean view double I think she said. Not sure if it was a balcony or not.

    I aked if the upgrades were all passed out and they told me that as they get cancelaations they continue to upgrade up to sailing.

    I was also told that upgrades are passed out to repeat customers and then to who booked first and so on.
  14. cruise-nut

    cruise-nut Guest

    Ive sailed on Princess 3 times and I got upgraded to a balcony from an oceanview unobstructed the first time I sailed with Princess. I was on 2 other Princess cruises since then with no upgrade but about 90 days before I sailed on the Dawn in Nov. 03, the price dropped and my travel agent gave me a refund for $ 125.00 Id say thats a great start to a great vacation. I am also booked on the Caribbean Princess in august. I have received what my travel agent calls an upgrade. Balcony cabin to Extended Balcony. I dont know yet if I would be willing to call it an upgrade. I dont know if I like the Idea of an uncovered Balcony. although the larger size should be nice!
  15. JC4me

    JC4me Guest

    I just got upgraded 2 levels from my guarantee cabin selection on the Coral. It's my second cruise on Princess but have cruised Carnival (which is owned by Princess) 3 times.
  16. lakings91

    lakings91 Guest

    I don't believe they care for sister company sailings that much.
    Plus it's Carnival that technically owns Princess, but lets it be run as independent company.
    Independent or not - it feel like Princess been leaning Carnival ways for the last couple of years.

    On the upgrade note. We've booked for 14 days on Sea princess. (X-mas sailing) Although they gave me an upgrade priority number - I understand that we'd have to cover the difference when and if it becomes available. It's a lot harder to get upgraded for a quad.

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