First Timer still questions???



Hi everyone who can help me!

We booked with Coral Princess (through Lori) 7 nights from Anchorage to Vancouver on May 31st.

When I looked at my "Cruise Personalizer" it says, Air travel incl. Can that be? I had
called Lori and can't remember anymore what she had said. I know, she is busy and I'm embarrased to call again. I remember saying something like, I need to book a flight and also book the transfer from Anchorage to Seaward. I've not heard from her again..
When I talked to her, she seemed in such a hurry.

Now I'm waiting to hear if the flight is incl. or not. Gosh, I'm such a novice. If not, is it better to do your own booking?

When I filled out the questionaire (Cruise Personalizer) do I've to print it out and bring it with me for faster boarding?

I already booked a hotel room for one night and I'm glad I did because almost everything was booked.

Please, if anyone can answer and give me a couple of hints, I would greatly appreciated. I'm missing the whole picture because most of you have done this many times, so this is not important to you.

Anyone going on that date with the Coral Princess? We'll be flying from Los Angeles,CA

Thanks for any respond,



I can't say for sure if the airfare is included in the price. Lori would have to answer that.

I would take a printed copy of the personalizer with you. If you don't need it, no harm, but it normally speeds the process.

Have a great time and just go with the flow. You are going on a cruise so nothing can be bad.


The best way to find out the answer to your airfare included question is to call Lori and ask!!! I'm sure she won't mind answering any questions you may have....and first time cruisers always have lots of questions. That's the way it should be :grin I'm betting that since you told her you needed air and transfers that she has included them!

You will love your cruise to Alaska. It is a beautiful part of the world! Have fun as you continue to plan!