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Fishing Off the Pier

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Fondy, May 19, 2004.

  1. Fondy

    Fondy Guest

    My husband would love to get some fishing in, but since he's the only true fisherperson in the family, I'm not sure if he'll get the opportunity to go out on an all day adventure. I thought I read somewhere that in some ports (Ketchikan?) you can rent poles and fish off the docks?? Anyone ever done that?
  2. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    Yes, I did it. One day salmon license was 10.00 and rented the fishing rod and lure for 10.00. Spent an hour on the pier and had a ton of fun until one of the salmon stole my lure. They are 6.00 to replace. I am going again in September and buying several lures from Walmart before I go. This was in Ketchikan.
  3. Fondy

    Fondy Guest

    Thanks! I think I just figured out what the kids can get "dad" for Fathers Day - a bunch of lures that he can lose in Ketchikan! I assume you can buy the salmon license near where you rent the poles?
  4. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    Yes, it is right next to the Lumber Jack show, you can't miss it.
  5. calvins5

    calvins5 Guest

    I hope my kids are reading this as well............Good luck fishing, it sounds wonderful.
  6. erdoc

    erdoc Guest

    Can anyone describe what kind of lure you need for salmon? This is great info by the way about the fishing.
  7. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    I will try to describe the lure that the salmon loved. I am not a seasoned fisherwoman so bear with me. The lure was gold, about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. The metal was bent to look like a wave and it had red dots painted on it [I guess to resemble salmon eggs] I eventually lost that lure and when I went back up to the store they put on a different one and the fish didn't like it at all. I know they have those lures at Wal-mart so am planning to buy some there.
  8. jhahn

    jhahn Guest

    I had never thought of trying this, but it sounds like fun. If you catch a fish will they ship it for you? Where is the best place to try it? (I stop in Sitka, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Juneau).
  9. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    I was told that to dress fish and have them shipped home would be 75.00 so i just did catch and release. If I remember correctly they clip the barbs on the hook to make it easier to release. My husband laughed when i was walking down to the pier, he stayed up by the store and video taped me. you can hear him on the video saying oh my gosh, look at the fish she's catching. For a woman who had only caught small sunfish, I was quite pleased with myself. You will have a lot of fun, I sure did..
  10. mcbarbee

    mcbarbee Guest

    This is REALLY good news. My husband would rather be fishing and watching all that's going on around me anyway. Thanks for info!
  11. pegleg

    pegleg Guest

    Mcbarbee and I are going on the Celebrity the week of 6/24. I'm sure McB will go shopping, etc., leaving me ample time to fish there on the pier. Anyone wanting to tag along would be great! I'll be the one with the smile ear to ear....

    "Only Dead Fish Swim WITH the Sstream....."
  12. floydthedog

    floydthedog Guest

    I called chamber of commerce in Ketchikan and was told for some reason no one is renting poles this season. We, too, have ordered and printed out our fishing license on line and now are thinking we'll have to buy poles here and take them with us. I have emailed tongass sporting goods store that is on the dock at creek street to ask what time they open and if they sell inexpensive poles. Guess we'll wait and see.

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