Next May 2011 I will be doing a 14 day cruise to Alaska. Is there any place to go fishing on shore , rent a Rod and bait. or go out on a boat and do some Salmon fishing. Which Port would you recomended


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All the ports have what you are asking for earl..It's a matter of how much you want to spend and whether you want to do a Ships tour or not or go off with a guide etc. I have no personal knowledge other that I know folks that have done it through the ships. Pick a port where you are not likely to be doing something else with a partner or group and then first check the cruise line for their efforts. There were locals on here previously who could help but it's been kinda slow... Let me know which port you want to have a go at it and I'll check around.
I really don't know which port to fish , I am cruising solo this time so any time or port is not a problem. maybe I could find a few
people on board you would be interested in going fishing. Thank you for any help. I have lots of time to read up and see whats available.


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Earl - I've not gone fishing on my cruises, but I know Sitka is popular for salmon fishing. For that matter, so are Juneau and Ketchikan.


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UI was thinking that maybe Homer would be a good port to fish in the Halibuy capital in the world. DGH has fished for samon and has enjoyed that also.

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We fished halibut in Homer and Sitka and salmon in Ketchikan. We used private excursions in each spot and were very pleased. There were four of us so we had the whole fishing boat in both Sitka and Ketchikan. In Homer we were on a large charter that held about 25 and the trip out took about an hour before we were actually fishing. If you would like names of the charters/private companies we used I can get you that information.


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We fished in Juneau and caught some great salmon that we had smoked and sent to us at home.

It was an interesting place to fish - land very close on both sides, and I think the water depth was 400'. We booked last minute so ended up doing the ship's excursion because the private ones were already booked, but it was all good.

DH talks me into going fishing every few cruises - not really my thing, but I must admit I enjoyed that one.