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Flamingo Phrolic

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Phrank & Phran, May 3, 2001.

  1. Been off the board for a few days. When I review, don't see anything much on the phrolic. Is it still on? Has the posting moved? How many are now coming and where are some staying? Thanks!
  2. jeffstern

    jeffstern Guest

    Hey, folks, it's still on and I hope you have a ball! It's just a little too phar phor Me and Jacki, from Miami....
  3. o2cruise

    o2cruise Guest

    Hey Phran/Phrank...yup still on! We're looking forward to this. Pham had phosted some things bephore she left but got lost in the resetting of the board. I know that some of us have booked at a hotel...believe it or not I can't remember right now. I think it was a holiday inn...Lisa had booked there and she said others had also...should be really a phun time! Phamda even is trying to set up some type of "excursion" for Sunday...Look forward to meeting many of you
    o2cruise and o2cruise2
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    It is still on and when Pamda gets back on her adventure on the Rotterdam VI, I am sure she will be updating everyone on the plans. Yes, a group of us have booked at the Holiday Inn on Concord Pike.

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