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Flight data



Posted this earlier, but it got lost so here it is again. Hope it's useful.


This site was listed in the travel section of the Hartford Courant yesterday. It has info on sched. vs. actual departure and arrival times by airline, flight and/or airport. It also has many good links, like to the consumer airline report that was just released last week (?) by the FAA. While it's not the easiest site to navigate and my home airport (Hartford/BDL), I did find the info useful. I was able to get info. on my destination airport for June (Atlanta/Hartsfield).

One of the other sites we uses is www.thetrip.com It has a flight tracking program that's really cool! I didn't post that in the original msg. because I hadn't remembered it till just now.

Happy flying!


I agree about thetrip.com -- great site that I've been using for years!

Atlanta/Hartsfield is really simple to get around and has one of the fastest and most efficient underground trains of any airport I've ever used. Most importantly, everything is marked really well and I've never had a problem making a flight connection. Have even made one in twenty minutes and had to go to a different concourse on the train. More impressive--the luggage made it. <G>



Another good site is Flight Arrivals.Com.


Started using it when Flight Tracker is slow or down. IMHO it seems to be a bit faster and has a bit more usefull info.