Food on Norwegian Sea



Could someone please tell me what foods are on the Room Service Menu.

Is the food as horrible as everyone says it will be?

Parrot Mom

Actually we enjoyed the food on the NCL Sea last year...but the Apple Cafe is definetely a weak point...yechh If they have a barbecue on deck one day enoy...


We were on the Sea in January, so this information is a little dated, but we LOVED the food. The buffet did leave quite a bit to be desired. It was our first cruise, and we ate at the buffet shortly after we embarked. I distinctly remember thinking that I sure didn't see why people raved about cruise food.

That night, for dinner, we ate at the "sail away BBQ". We really enjoyed it -- the ribs on the Sea were great. The next morning, we ate breakfast in the buffet, and I thought it was much better at breakfast than either lunch or dinner. The waffles were very good, and they had a station (located away from the rest of the buffet) where they cooked eggs to order.

Then we ate our first meal in the dining room, and I understood why people love to cruise. I'd never tried chilled soups before, and they were absolutely wonderful. Our group of 6 enjoyed every main course we tried, and we also thought the desserts were great. I guess it all depends on what you enjoy personally, but we never had a bad meal, with the possible exception of that first lunch buffet.