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Food on Norwegian Sky



How's the food on the Norwegian Sky? I read in a post that Norwegian Cruise Lines food wasn't very good and don't want to make a decision based on one opinion.


John, here I am again, we did the Sky last month. The buffets were outstanding, Guess they got the picture. The lunch buffet had what you would expect plus burgers, some days a sandwhich bar, fruit bar and grill going by the pools. Breakfast offered both a waffle bar and omelette bar every morning. I had one dinner I didn't think was up to par, that was the roast pork loin, it was dry and needed some sort of sause. Again, if you are comparing the food to Ruth Chris' steakhouse of course you will be disappointed, but we have cruised 14 times on 6 lines and the food on NCL is as good if not better than any we have experienced. Any more questions I would be glad to try and help you out.



I found the food in the dining rooms to be excellent. The service as well, even though it's Freetsyle and the servers change.

The breakfast buffet and omelette bar was really good.

The buffet lunch we didn't like. Hockey Puck burger patties, etc. under a warmer.

After trying the bad lunch buffet we didn't consider dinner.

Horizon's was a great alternate restaurant. Didn't try the others...but book your reservation early.



We think like nita all the food was par with the other good company around....go check out some reviews we have put on the sky it will be helpfull for you.

sea ya