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Food on RCL

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Quake, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Quake

    Quake Guest

    We've shipped on RCL nine times. I've noticed a few cost cutting measures over the past couple of cruises, however, there appears to be a degrading of the "gourmet" dining. For example, surf and turf was a tiny lobster tail that one would receive at the Outback and a "steak" that consisted of thin slice of meat about a quarter inch thick and tough. On past cruises the meals, particularly lobster night, was a signature event. Now they're very uninteresting and often tasteless. Anyone feel the same?
  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    I've never had a bad meal on RCI and I've sailed with them over 20 times. Cost cutting? I'm sure they have started as most lines have. The food is never an important issue with me. As long as I didn't have to shop for it, prepare it or clean up afterwards, it all tastes good. :)
  3. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    We were not impressed with the food this past cruise on the Navigator. Others have commented to me that they too have been disappointed.
  4. cycofan

    cycofan Guest

    We were not blown away by the food on the Serenade last month. We didn't have anything that was bad, but nothing that really made us say "wow, that was the best (fill in the blank) I've ever had.". I agree with Ali, though.....it can't be too bad if all you have to do is sit down and eat it! :)
  5. Quake

    Quake Guest

    Thank you for your observations. It confirms what I thought and I've notified RCCL about it earlier because for me it is an issue of excellence.

    This really is a good cruise line. And my wife and I have been quite satisfied with them enough to go on further cruises. However, when one pays more than a couple grand for a vacation that boasts gourmet dining, that is what it should be. Believe me it was once. RCCL used to serve food that was so well prepared and of such excellent quality it was nearly the high point of each day. What happened?

    However, at the risk of making someone angry, I simply do not agree that being able to sit down to eat without a need for work is an excuse for any cruise line to get away with putting anything in front of you. Cruises are different. Your paying in part for a dining experience your not suppose to be able to get by simply driving down the street to a restaurant in your home town. That is part of the cruise experience and something cruise lines often like to brag about. So on that point I respectfully disagree.
  6. Ali

    Ali Guest

    But that's what is great about these forums. We can all agree to disagree with others. We all have our own opinions and that is what makes us unique. :)
  7. Quake

    Quake Guest

  8. lucky

    lucky Guest

    Quake, I hope your message to Royal Carib. does some good. I have mentioned it on my comment. cards the past few times also. I have not cruised as much as some but can recall when the food was better, the choices more varied and even a cheese course after dinner. On one hand I feel it is a break not to have to prepare and clean up, but I am a semi gourmet cook at home when I get the time and I really enjoy a well presented and delicious meal. The decline in the food quality along with the delcine in the dress has taken some of the wonderful..how do I put it.. nostalgia, and oppulence out of the cruise dining experience.
  9. jendeyoung

    jendeyoung Guest

    The quality of food has undoubtly been downgraded on both Royal Carribean and Celebrity Cruises. My first poor impression of the food service on RCL occured when they eliminated the theme nights featuring a variety of foreign cuisines. It seems to be that even Carnival Cruise line's food department has overtaken Royal Carribean. Fortunately, Celebrity Cruise line's food is lingering up there, but I believe it too has been downgraded by cost-cutting moves...
  10. islander

    islander Guest

    I tend to agree with the poor food quality.

    I really never ate lobster. So when we went on the Enchantment last year I couldn't wait to try it. It wasn't what I expected. It was this broiled piece of something in a shell. The steak was very tough.
    I agree that it is cool that I didn't have to cook for a week. But, when you do spend that kind of money I guess I expected a few meals that made me say "wow". We didn't have one.
    We are going on the Mariner soon and I hope its better. But, even then I kinda don't care. We just can't wait to get away and enjoy:)

    When we went to Vegas last year we ate at Emeril's and that made me go "wow". That was the best steak I ever had!! He also has a place in Orlando. If you ever get the chance eat at one of his establishments. You'll go "Bam":) :)
  11. jendeyoung

    jendeyoung Guest

    If you really want to have "wow" meals and gourmet cuisine, go on Crystal Cruises. A downside to this cruiseline is the age group, and as the majority of passengers are over 60 years of age. Also this cruise line may be a bit pricy at times, but the service, food, and value is great for an experienced cruiser.
  12. cycofan

    cycofan Guest

    I have also eaten at Emeril's in Vegas, and THAT was the best bread, salad, meal and dessert I have ever had! :)
  13. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    I have cruised only once -- on Rhapsody last year -- but I admit I was expecting the food to be much worse than it was. I'd heard stories about high-volume, low-quality food, and of course there are the rare but well-publicized illnesses that can sweep through a ship. So I came into it with low hopes, and was pleasantly surprised.

    In general, we found the dining room food to be nicely (sometimes artfully) presented, if a bit bland in taste. Nothing we had was terribly overcooked or underdone. The desserts were always enjoyable, however. So much so that one evening they served a warm chocolate cake that rivaled anything I've eaten anywhere -- and that includes 21's famed Grand Plate of Chocolate. We also enjoyed the breads, which seemed to change each night. All in all, I ate far too much, although that may say more about me than the food itself.

    The Windjammer, of course, was more steam table-quality fare, yet we found it to be consistent and flavorful. My girls preferred to eat there for breakfast and lunch, and we spent a lot of time trolling around the dessert stations. (See earlier admission to gluttony.)

    If anything, I found the coffee to be the biggest disappointment. What swill. The first pot that was made available near the pool prior to breakfast each morning was horrific. It tasted like Sanka. Honestly, I'd rather have good coffee throughout every day of the cruise than a great lobster tail on one evening. But again, that's just one man's opinion.

    I imagine my perspective would be different were we to have sailed 10 or 15 years ago. But I'm a newbie, though we found our experience pleasant enough to book passage on Mariner this May. I'm told the coffee is better on that boat. From their lips to God's ear....

    Safe travels,

  14. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    One thing... Never order the duck entree...
  15. islander

    islander Guest

    Your correct about the coffee. It did taste like it was instant. I bought a real cup at the coffee stand every morning. Of course they want you to do that. Thats probably why the free coffee is nasty.

    Glad to hear you liked Emeril's. Everything was wonderful and high priced. But, well worth it.
  16. Petert

    Petert Guest

    I have never really expected gourmet dining (with the exception of specialty restaurants on board) on mass market cruise ships. Trying to feed a thousand diners at a time in a 90 min period then do it all over again an hour later is a daunting task. I have found that RCI does very well with the bread, apetizers, soups, salads and deserts and most entres. Occasionally the beef dishes may be tough or dry, but since the cholesteral concerns appeared in recent years you seldom see the well marbled and aged tender beef we all enjoyed so much. I can still enjoy those steaks but at 50 bucks a plate ala carte at our local steak house. I have dined at many hotel banquets over the years and even at the finest hotels have seldom had food with the variety, quality, presentation and service that we see at every evening meal aboard RCI's cruise ships.

    While there is always room for improvement but I have seldom been disappointed with a meal I have ordered on an RCI ship. I have yet to see someone at our table send a dish back with the exception of a dish that they might be trying and found they didn't like. About the pleasure experienced when a person does not have to prepare, serve and clean up after you have to have been there. One is much more relaxed and prepared to enjoy what is graciously presented, warm, savory and well presented for your enjoyment when you haven't had to struggle over a hot stove and will be able to leave when you are finished. The dining experience and conversations are much of what we enjoy about cruising.

  17. elliottsmama

    elliottsmama Guest

    You are right about the duck, I made my husband trade with me :) he is a nice guy...The prime rib was excellent however never did I get a baked potato that was hot enough to melt the butter and most of the dishes we felt were underpar for our expections. The did have excellent american fries and kalahu cake and there is a large variety in the windjammer however not always so tasty...
  18. cruisezealot

    cruisezealot Guest

    Having just completed my first AND LAST cruise on a RCI branded ship (Legend of the Seas), my observations re: food are:

    1. Coffee comes from a liquid container concentrate that looks like today's quart contrainers of auto oil (only about 4 times bigger) and the only REAL coffee used is for the Espresso machines.

    2. The meat offerings were always prefaced by: "it is prepared either medium rare or medium well." The med rare was bloody to the point of looking like something removed from a body during an operation and the med well was as tough as shoe leather.

    3. The winjammer cafe served slop that was substandard to what one would find in any high school cafeteria.

    4. The ship ran out of normal foodstuffs on the cruise and offered no apologies for it.

    5. There is no tableside preparation, no alternative restaurants, no flaming entrees (steak diane, for example) and no flaming desserts (cherries jubilee, Baked Alaska parade, bananas foster, etc.). Why? Legend had a fire at tableside that resulted in a couple of "crispy critter passengers" according to a head waiter I spoke with. I even verified it with the dining manager who said that is why it has been replaced with the silly "Italian" parade of waiters gaudily dressed like Italians.
  19. toronto21

    toronto21 Guest

    Just so everyone knows.................

    The food is till tops on Celebrity compared to Rccl, carnival,ncl, princess and HAL..................but it has slipped a little bit the reason why is beacuse they are serving a more simple not adventue like menu more towrads the bland menus on princee .....this is to acoomidate the un cultured passenger market.....................................less advangaurd food...............Its a same but i guess it makes more happy...........

    I like it the old way but there food is still overall the best......Put it this way if you went out to eat 3 times a day for seven days and each time you went out to a place with a different menu ?..................arnt you bound to not like something at some point or have it all as good as the prior meal?.....Some cruisers put way to much emphisis on the food rather then trying new tastes................not everyone will cook and season meat the same so that lamb wont always taste the same as the one you had last cruise on rrcl etc................
  20. blndee

    blndee Guest

    Just got back 8 days ago from Monarch of the Seas and the food was horrible!!!! Sucked it was very hometown buffet and was lousey, the dinners in the dinning room were pretty good but very basic nothing special, the breakfast were the same each and everyday (if I ever see another scrambled egg) The pizza was horrible I took two teenagers they hated it and the sandwiches deli was very ham and cheese. It was horrible I would never say that if it was not true, I just don't want people to wayste there money and think this will be the best when it was not. Carnival way different. Infact on Carnival we only went to one of the dinners in the dinning room because we were satisfied with the food everywhere else.

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