Food to take on the plane?



Ok, I'm slow and just realized that we might not like what they serve us on Air India - we're not very picky. Just in case, we are trying to think up a few things we can legally take in our carry-on luggage. I have granola bars already. What about "Slim Jims" or other meat products? Anyone with a brilliant idea they can share?

We're leaving tomorrow.


The flight is just to London. We change airlines there. I had wondered about the beef thing anyway. Maybe some cheese sticks instead.


They are so darn picky now about what you can take in your carry-on.

But there is NO problem buying any of their expensive stuff at the airport to carry on the plane.

Oh's all for safety sake, really.


Jo - I wouldn't chance taking any food in your carry-on. Better off buying at the airport once you're past Security.

And be aware that ALL flights to the U.K. have a restriction of ONE carry-on - not a carry-on plus a handbag or laptop case - but ONE piece only. There are also strict regulations on dimensions and weight of the carry-on. I'd suggest sticking a tote bag in the carry-on so that if they make you stow it in the cargo bay, you can remove your valuables, medicines, etc.

red stripe

actually this came up a while ago, and I contacted TSA for a ruling (make that explaination) :lol
As we all know about the liquid rule.
You can take on a prepared meal, as long as it is not soup, sauce, etc.
You can stop and get a McDonald's, a sub sandwich, etc. or prepare sandwiches at home.
We have done this on long trips, when the subject of food was dicey.

Sometimes what you can purchase at the airport is overpriced and not tasty .
You can then purchase a drink that you may carry on the plane after you pass through security if you wish.

I have to say though, that I would expect the quality of food on Air India to London would be good.
Just no NOT try to take off your leftovers.. this would get you into trouble.

Cruise cutie

Just as an FYI>. realising it's IN the USA for our trip to Colorado..BUT Actually I just had slim jims, cheese and cracker things from Walmart, and the bag of granola,chips, nuts Walmart packages, and some wrapped cookies.. and popcorn for the room.. all are fine with TSA.. no liquids involved, and as long as the packaging is intact.. they say it's fine.. Happy Trails..:)..Joanne


Jo, sounds like a very interesting trip. You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back. Hope to see the photos too.

Are you going to any other areas, other than Prague?


The reason I am so interested in food is because I am a type 1 diabetic and seem to always experience highs and lows on long flights. I absolutely always carry food with me. I just like suggestions for different food to carry.

reggae, we are going to London and Prague. I will try to get my pictures ready quickly if the children left behind don't destroy my house during the 2 weeks we are gone. DS#3 (age 29) is coming to stay with the girls and DS#5 will be with the granparents as he needs more supervision and someone to cook for him!


How about buying a sealed bag of granola mix at the airport, one with lots of nuts, maybe some little pretzel sticks, m&ms (save those for the lows) (actually those dried fruits are loaded with sugar as well). Or else just a big bag of mixed nuts or shelled sunflower seeds?

I am also diabetic and Personally, my favorite carry on snack/lunch is a breakfast jack type of sandwich which I pick up at the airport ~ Very satisfying, good carb balance ~ protein in the egg, cheese and sausage, and tastes fine cold.
How about an orange or apple from the airport? keep the receipt so they can see that you purchased it there. I always take along some extra zip lock bags to keep my snacks fresh and when I have to toss them in my purse they don't make a mess.

Are you able to take a couple of cans of Glucerna? maybe along with your glucose medicine prescription it would be acceptable. It's worth a try, If not acceptable, you can just leave it at the terminal along with the other 'discards'. Who knows what they will end up serving you on the plane???? better to come prepared. If it's too heavy you can always tuck one in hubbys carry on bag. LOL

Wonder if they carry bottles of Propel at the airport? very tasty, and no sugar! You can buy pkgs of the single serving powder mix to take along with you in your checked bag for when you land. Just add to bottled water anywhere you go.

Be sure to take copies of any prescriptions you will be taking and all bottles of meds must now have the pharmacy prescription info printed on them. No loose, unmarked pills please. ( I pack my pill organizer separate and fill it when I arrive) I got a print out of all of my prescriptions from my pharmacist ( I added my drs names and phone #s) which I tucked in with my passport. I actually took all of my meds to the pharmacist and had some smaller bottles with prescription info on them before my trip so I didn't have to lug around that big ole bottle of my Metformin. LOL She counted out 50 pills and repackaged them for me into the smaller bottle. Such a wonderful service ~ got that from Target!!

I know you didn't ask about meds, but you know us diabetics, we gotta talk shop whenever we can. Just to encourage each other if nothing else!!!

Have a wonderful trip and good luck counting carbs in another country!
:loveya Hugs, Mariposa
PS, I'd love to hear more about how this all works out for you when you return.