Formal night attire


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How fussy is Princess on the formal nights. Can a man get by with a blazer, slacks, and tie? Having been retired for nine years all my dark suits and my tux have shrunk in my closet.
We're on the Star Princess on 2/2/10 for the cruise down to Antarctica. We generally avoid ships with formal nights doing mostly river boats (GCT nine times) or NCL that was lousy on our last trip.


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I have no idea how they dress on that particular sailing but on the ships we have been on DH would of felt out of place with out his black suit. The majority of the men were in tuxes and suits and the ladies were all decked out. I truly think if we continue to cruise he is going for a tux even though it will be the only place he ever wears one.


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Yes you can get by with the blazer and slacks however most folks will be dressed to the nines. If you want to stay casual on formal nights Princess has a really nice buffet.

Dh & I will skip a formal night here and there and opt for the casual atmosphere of the buffet.


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Dressing up to have fun?

We have never understood the desire to play dress-up on a cruise ship. We go for fun and relaxation. We are hardly new to cruising as we have been on 28 cruises (17 ocean-type ships, two small ships [OAT], and nine river boats [GCT]). Seven of the ocean-types were NCL (six after Free-Style came along) and one on Azamara hence no mandatory formal nights on those or on the OAT or GCT trips. We take almost all meals in a dining room, we are paying for that service.
I do appreciate that two of you did respond and one answered my question. I did, after scrounging through a spare closet, find one dark suit that still fits reasonably well and that will do. My tux pants have room to let out and I considered buying a white dinner jacket to go with them inasmuch as it will be summer in Southern Hemisphere when we go.
We live in the Atlanta area and we no longer even wear ties to funerals. I don't believe that the person being buried is even aware.
We are going on Princess because we want to see Antarctica and do not want to pay the cost of a small ship with Zodiac landings. We have been on the other six continents.
Anyone familiar with the balcony cabins on the Star Princess Aloha deck?

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Dont know, going on Ruby in October, but Oscar doesn't have suits, jackets, etc. I guess we will do buffet on fancy nights, cause w dont do fancy.

I do like watching all the people decked out to the 9's, especially the children. :clap:


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I am not sure what info you want on Aloha balcony cabins?????? I can tell you that they are completely covered if that helps.


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We have sailed with Princess twelve times.
You will not be out of place wearing a blazer, slacks, and tie on formal night. That is what I wore on my first few cruises.
We have been on the Star Princess twice. We love the balcony cabins on aloha.
The balconies are small but sheltered.
We are booked on the Star for her 18 day transatlantic next April. You guessed it-balcony cabin-Aloha.



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You'll be perfectly fine with blazer, slacks, and tie. On that itinerary and cruise length, you may even be in the majority -- especially folks in your situation, where you're retired and haven't had to wear a suit in a while. On most Princess cruises these days, tuxes usually don't break the 50% barrier. ....and I still wear one, so my opinion is unbiased....

P.S. I have one of those clothes shrinking closets too -- strange...