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? Formal Nights on Spirit S. Caribbean



Hi, everyone!

For those of you who have cruised on the Carnival Spirit doing the Southern Caribbean itinerary, when are the formal nights? Breeze & I will be sailing on the Legend's 1st Caribbean cruise in November for our honeymoon, & want to eat in the supper club, but I'd like to know the nightly schedule so that we can make our reservation as soon as we get on the ship.



73 days till the Legend & Happy Honeymoon!


On an 8 day cruise there are 2 formal night...this is what Carnival e-mailed me:

For cruises with two formal nights, the formal nights are scheduled for the second evening of the cruise and the second to the last evening of the cruise.


Thanks so much, DeniseZ - I really appreciate it! This is a tremendous help!


56 days till Carnival Legend & Happy Honeymoon with Breeze!!!


Hi Jane-Atlanta!

I know I am just about bursting waiting for our 12/12/02 sail date for the Legend. I can't imagine how excited you must be combining it with getting married and all!

Please let us know all about cruise when you return. We will also be doing the Southern Iteniery and will be looking forward to your comments on what to do on shore and all! We are a family of 5 (taking our three daughters who are in their 20's) and are looking forward to eating in the supper club as well!

Gosh, it's really getting close now, since I just saw that your last post was on 9/14! Have a great wedding and cruise! Sharon


I'm sailing the Legend on 11/26, but I've done LOTS of homework.

If you want stone crabs in the supper club go the first night. Apparently they sell out fast. (This isn't surprising. I'm a Floridian and usually they're caught, cooked and eaten the same day. They wouldn't keep for 8 days).

Someone said the 2nd and 7th nights are formal. Don't know this for a fact, but that is what someone else wrote. You can always call Carnival and ask.

We are pumped and excited! Here's to all of us having wonderful cruises.