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Formal Nights

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by bwalla, May 21, 2004.

  1. ScottieB64

    ScottieB64 Guest

    Belizemama--You are right about the overalls and boots as resort casual and that may be correct in the Caribbean but I am going to Alaska and I think it will be a little cooler there so I do plan on taking them. My boots are the most comfortable shoes I own and if I can't wear shorts, my overalls are pretty darn comfortable too. I am going to take a little country to Alaska.
  2. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    re: Alaska cruise.

    Keep in mind that for much of the cruise you are basically "inside" and boots would not be required. I am surely not going to use the word "appropriate".

    Going off on tours or spending time up on deck might be good for boots.....
  3. ScottieB64

    ScottieB64 Guest

    That is when I plan on wearing boots. Fishing and while on excursions. Especially if it is wet or rainy in port. I just hate wearing sneakers when it is raining. And these are just as comfortable as sneakers.
  4. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    I say go for it then Scottie!! :)
  5. smh

    smh Guest

    Well I'm finally going to jump in. I've read too many negative comments about this topic.
    One poster commented that if someone did not adhere to the dress code that it would ruin others' evening. Sounds like a bunch of nonesense to me. If you walk in wearing a feather boa or a ballgown my meal is still going to taste the same. What others wear has no effect on my evening except it might make the conversation with my tablemates a little more colorful!
    I think the original poster was just asking for some guidance and that was politely provided by some and not so politely by many others.
    I refuse to tell anyone what my plans are for the dining room because ultimately someone is not going to like it. Come on people let's waste our time worrying about what is really important. If you can't think of anything just turn on the news. I have waited many years to enjoy a vacation and despite what is going on in the world, despite what others are or aren't wearing in the dining room and despite the negativism of others I am going to have fun!
  6. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    Can't you feel the Love tonight?????????????

    Boy life is really good to everybody when all you have to worry about is clothing, I cannot even believe this thread exists.

    Can anybody say Mind your own business? If I want to look GORGEOUS thats great, if somebody else wants to look like a slouch that is their business.

    Like I tell my neighbors in the home owners association, Life sure is good when all you have to do is worry about someone else's weeds.

    Oh the problems of life
  7. Don

    Don Guest

    Shawna, you got it right!

    Here's my 2 cents: How many people that are so irate about what other people wear on formal nights are smokers who don't follow the smoking guidelines? Or have children they let use adults only whirlpools? Or "reserve" lounge chairs by the pool?

    Everybody should follow the rules. But sometimes people don't. We all need to be a bit more flexible and a whole lot more tolerant. I think everybody needs to lighten up, relax, and enjoy the cruise. It'll be over too soon, no matter what. Just like life.
  8. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    I wore a green suit on several cruises and only on formal nights. It's not the color that matters so much as the type of attire.

  9. randy

    randy Guest

    Why is this such a hotly-contested issue on our board? It seems to come up about once a week, and elicits such emotion from all parties. I took a quick "tour" of the other boards (Celebrity, HAL, Princess, Norwegian, RCCL) and it seems that if it comes up at all, it is a single posting, followed by four to six polite, consistent answers...and it actually seems to go away! I guess we are not a very homogeneous group, or are more adamant about our feelings. Who knows. I still say, based upon experience aboard Carnival cruises, that it is pretty unlikely that you will be turned away from the dining room on formal night just because you don't have a tie or coat on--and I won't even touch the things I have seen women in! Now, whether this constitutes a breach of etiquette, or a flaunting of convention, or a personal statement, I have no idea--nor do I care. The OP asked a reasonable question, got the "book," the anecdotal and the emotional answers. Each one was correct ini the opinion of the poster involved, and each one added to the knowledge base from which the poor OP must now make his/her decision. I say good luck, but most of all...ENJOY THE CRUISE no matter what you take to wear!
  10. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Amen, Randy!
  11. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I had not read this thread until it was mentioned on another board , so I decided to check it out. It went about the way I had thought it would :grin This is always a "hot" topic.
    Randy and Lizardstew,
    I wonder how it would go if a thread was started about table manners, as far as which plate do you use for your bread, the one on the left or the one on the right or which way do you use your utensils from the outside in (to the plate) or from the inside out (from the plate)......:lol One time at dinner my husband ended up without a plate for his bread, so we just shared mine :lol
    No matter who dresses how, I hope everyone has a great time on their cruises :thumb
  12. Please Dear Lord....NO

    This thread is thin enough, ready to break !

  13. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Laurie, I'd imagine a topic such as that would create an equal amount of hostility and ambivalence just as this one has. Personally, I think that many people haven't ever had the reason to eat at a formal table. They very will may not know which fork to use and which bread plate is theirs! There's a LOT of stuff at the table! :) These kinds of things wouldn't bother me....now something like chomping with your mouth open is another matter entirely! :lol

    I just don't see why everyone gets so worked up about this. Do I like to dress up on formal nights? Heck yes! Do I wish everyone would join in the spirit? Sure! Will I let someone who is dressed informally diminish my own experience? No way!

    If I decided not to dress on a formal night....I would either order room service or eat at the buffet. But, that's me! It would be nice to see everyone dressed up in the dining room, but the cruiselines won't even encorce their own policies, so there's not much that can be done to the "non-dressers". Maybe someday the "rules" will be enforced, but until then I intend to enjoy every aspect of the dining room....even if my table companions aren't wearing ties on formal night.!
  14. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I couldn't agree more, that is pretty much how I feel about the whole thing. As far as the dinner table, I hope you know I really was only joking. I was just trying to make a point for people to lighten up a bit. Heck, I took one look at the table on my first cruise and asked the waiter for help :lol That is not how our family meal place settings looked in our house when I was growing up! We go on a cruise to enjoy the beautiful ocean and Islands, to spend some time together away from the everyday stresses in life. The last thing I want to do on our cruise is stress about anything.I am so busy having a good time I really don't notice what other people are wearing. We follow the suggested or required dress code of the evening and if for some reason we don't ,we just have dinner brought to our cabin and have a romantic dinner for two by the balcony :thumb We like to do that at least one night on our cruise anyway, it's very relaxing.Like I said before I hope everyone has a great time on their cruise =bigwave
  15. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    I think it's just a shame that some posters feel they have to PERSONALLY attack other posters because they don't agree with their opinions. To tell someone that everyone would be better off if a person didn't go on the same ship is uncalled for and adds nothing to the conversation.
  16. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Interesing opinion from someone who refers to people as "peasants" and accuses them of "slopping at the trough if they don't want to follow the rules Carnival created."

    Laurie....it seems like we have the same attitude! We'd have fun cruising together! :grin I knew you were just throwing something out there to make a point....no worries!
  17. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

  18. Nikki75

    Nikki75 Guest



    Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!! No offense!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    Interesing opinion from someone who refers to people as "peasants" and accuses them of "slopping at the trough if they don't want to follow the rules Carnival created.">>Lizard

    I didn't call anyone here a peasant and I didn't attack anyone personally. I said there are people who behave like peasants and act like they're pigs slopping at the trough and those people should NOT be sitting at the same table with people who have manners.

    I don't think anyone here would enjoy sharing a table with people who behave that way.
  20. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    I for one DO dress accordingly for the dining room depending on which night it maybe. Would I care if I was sitting at a table with someone who was not dressed accordingly NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As long as they were nice peole who were fun and pleasent to talk to.

    I wonder how many people here become the "Fashion Police" when it comes to "THE RULES" on dining room attire, but have more methods for sneaking booze on a ship than a 1920s bootlegger.

    IMHO not being dressed accordingly is less a flagrant violation of "THE RULES" than rigging up some insulated, non detectable, bar cart / wine cellar / beer keg.

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