Formal Nights



Can anyone tell me just how formal the formal nights are on the Grandeur? I'm not sure what to pack. I have formals from black tie events but I also have cocktail dresses. If anyone has been on the Grandeur recently and can give me some insight, it would be greatly appreciated. Only 24 days to go!

Chris Letourneau

My wife and I sailed on the Radiance of the Seas and the formal nights proved to be a disappointment only because of a complete lack of participation by passengers to get truly dressed up. My thought is to get dressed up to the max and enjoy looking great! Unfortunately, I feel that formal nights are becoming a thing of the past. Cruising is changing with the times (not necessarily for the better). BUT... as far as I am concerned it is still the ultimate vacation! Have a wonderful trip. Please be sure to post a review from your cruise. We are considering a Grandeur cruise in the near future.


It's been a couple of years but there were two formal. A couple of others were dressy casual. that means about anything from sport shirts to coat and tie. I wore a jacket with sport shirt.


You should also look up the poster "Gambler" on the Community Board. She has sailed on the Grandeur about 7 or 8 times. It's her favorite ship.

I sailed on it 5 months after it came out in 1997...too long ago to be able to answer any of your questions but I am sure if you do a search for "Gambler" she will be able to help you.


My 2 Cents...

Either one will work. Whatever you're more comfortable in!

I love getting dressed up.


Lady Jag(Bobbie)

Also, BruinSteve was just on the Grandeur on 7/7 if you want to ask him.
If you're sailing the Mex. Riv., that itinerary tends to be much more casual than the Caribbean and other itineraries. I don't know why, but it does.

margie downey

Hi,we just returned from the Grandeur on July 28th....we noticed everything from tuxes for the men,to cocktail dresses for the ladies..suit and tie was the most popular,and nice cocktail dresses.....Margie


Yes, have been on the Grandeur 4 times with number 5 coming up. Each time, I have seen it all, from the tuxes and long dresses (or cocktail) to a sport coat and church dress. We did a 10 on the Grandeur this last time and I did notice a lot more people were dressed up. If you have the outfits and like to dress up, go for it. It is always fun to see everyone dressed up. We dress up and even my 7 year old son has always worn a tux. Makes for great family formal night pictures.
Have a great time on my favorite ship.


We like dressing for formal nights because it makes us feel good to look good. I rented a tux on our first cruise, and then bought my own because we new that cruising would be a big part of our life. Enjoy the Granduer, she's a beauty1