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Formal Nights

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Jacklyn, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Jacklyn

    Jacklyn Guest

    How formal does one have to get on formal nights. I was planning to wear nice short cocktail type dresses. Does my husband need a tux, suit or sports coat? What about the other nights in the main dining room?
  2. jkmcroot

    jkmcroot Guest

    You can go as formal as you'd like or as casual as you'd like. I wore a tea length black cocktail dress and my husband wore a coat and tie. I did see people wearing tuxes and formal dresses. I also saw people wearing casual pants and sun dreses. On the casual nights I wore sundresses or capris while my husband wore dockers and polos. The only rule of thumb in the dining room is no shorts. So wear whatever you are comfortable in, just no shorts.

    Actually, by the end of our 7 day cruise, I did have my son wear shorts with a dress shirt (short sleeved) to dinner because he had gotten all his dress pants dirty. No one said anyting but then again, he's only 6.
  3. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Like the above poster said--you will see all kinds of dress- On our voyager cruise there was a guy with a tee shirt that had the tux imprinted on the front.

    My mom wore a pants suit.
  4. LF

    LF Guest


    You will get a lot of opinions on this topic for sure! I say wear whatever you are comfortable in. We are cruising in 28 days. I have a dress for formal night, still not sure what my DH is wearing...either a suit or a dark sports coat and dress pants.

    I am not a glizty, glamour type girl but some people are and they enjoy getting decked out. If you want to go for it, if not then don't. Don't let anyone intimidate you into what THEY think you should wear.

    A t-shirt with a tux on it...really? That must've turned a few heads and ruffled some feathers! I would've laughed! Obviously the guy had a sense of humor!
  5. phinfan63

    phinfan63 Guest

    I would suggest you DH wear a coat & tie for Formal night. I couldn't care less what others wear but he would probably feel underdressed if he doesn't at least wear a sportscoat.

    Have fun!
  6. Jacklyn

    Jacklyn Guest

    Oh for sure he will have on a suit or a sports coat. I was just wondering if he needed a tux. We have not been on a cruise for 7 years.
  7. phinfan63

    phinfan63 Guest

    I honestly didn't notice anyone in a tux. We were on the Holiday and we wore long gowns for formal night - personally, i thought we were overdressed. I know it is suppose to be formal night not formal dinner but I immediately went to the room and changed :)
  8. Amy2005

    Amy2005 Guest

    My family and I are going on the Holiday in May. I bought a long, red satin, spaghetti strap dress for formal night. Am I going to be overdressed?? I mean, i guess i shouldn't care. Its my cruise just as much as anyone elses'. I'm going to do what i want . . .but i don't want to feel uncomfortable or out of place. I like to dress up but my family DOES NOT. So it took a little doings to get them to buy something. It'll make for real good pictures. But again, i don't want us to feel weird. I'm not taking back my dress but at least i can be prepared to be overdressed. :)
  9. Amy, I've been on the Holiday many times, and I've seen everything from long sequined gowns to nice 'church' dresses on formal night. Just because the Holiday is the oldest in Carnival's fleet doesn't mean it's any more casual than other ships. I wear a black cocktail dress; have used the same one for the past few cruises. "The Little Black Dress" is always appropriate, as well. I've seen men in tuxs on every cruise, but more in dark suits, and some in sports coats/tie. I think most people do try to follow the ship's dress code guidelines.
  10. Amy2005

    Amy2005 Guest

    Well, my gown is not as fancy as a sequined gown, yet fancier than a church dress so maybe i'll fit in "just right". :)
  11. That red dress sounds just about perfect to me! Enjoy your holiday on the Holiday!
  12. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    On my last cruise, there were several ladies with red dresses like you described- the dresses were beautiful, like the ladies wearing them, but then I'm a guy- what do I know about dresses?

    I think you will be perfect-go for it.

  13. Ddunn

    Ddunn Guest

    my husband has never even owned a suit....at 58 yrs old!!! I went out and bought him a dark sports coat, tie, and a pair of dress pants and shoes. He will probably be uncomfortable, but i thought he wouldnt feel as uncomfortable as he would in a TUX, and he just might get more use out of it!!

    I bought a very dark Navy jacket, blu shirt and i htink the pants are kind of Khaki or brown.....it looked well together.
    I hope this will be ok.
    To him that is as formal as he has ever been.......he is always in T shirts and blu jeans..........that is it!!!

    I am wearing a very dressy long black dress, with a silver sequined tank and shaw......

  14. Amy2005

    Amy2005 Guest

    Southern Lady and Coffeecups Thanks for your posts! its encouraging that i might fit in. :)
  15. H2O babe

    H2O babe Guest

    We just returned from a week on board the Glory. We saw just about everything in the dining room. And yes, we did see shorts and also blue jeans on the last evening of dining. I thought maybe those persons would not be allowed in the dining room, but they were. I didn't see a lot of tuxes on formal night---more suits and jackets and ties. From what I saw on board the Glory just about anything will go! Enjoy your trip.
  16. Ddunn

    Ddunn Guest

    Thanks for that response, H20
    Hopefully a sports jacket and dress pants will be ok. I know he would not wear a tux, or not be comfortable in one. I dont want him to eat and run to his room to change!! I thought maybe with a nice jacket and pants, he will atleast linger and look nice......

  17. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    All this "gotta fit in" talk......as long as we dress nice, meaning no jeans or shorts, anyone who doesn't like it ought to pay more attention to their food and less attention to us. Of course, if they pay THAT much attention to us, theres probably more to it than meets the eye.............
    Man, people are supposed to be on vacation, and they are spending all their time making sure they "fit in" and/or checking out everyone else so they can make a comment about 'em. Bunch of fun people, I tell ya......
  18. Jacklyn

    Jacklyn Guest

    Like I said the last two cruises we went on was 7 years ago and if you weren't dressed appropriately at dinner, you were not allowed in the dining room. (Cunard and NCL).
  19. Ddunn

    Ddunn Guest

    thats what concerned me. I would be real embarrassed if they kicked us out because my husband didnt have a tux on, and only had a jacket, tie and nice pants.

    I think dressing up and looking nice is part of the excitement.....we never go anywhere to dress up!!!!

    But the definition of "dressing up " to my husband, and my definition, differ!!!
  20. Amy2005

    Amy2005 Guest

    Well, I believe in being comfortable, but i also believe in following the rules. If people don't want to dress up (just like i told my dad who does not like dressing up and has complained) DON'T GO TO DINNER on formal night. I think its great! But if i didn't, i'd eat buffet. But i do believe if its "formal" people should dress formal. That's the fun of it. Of course, i believe that coat and tie is formal. :) And a cocktail dress is too. I'm not necessarily worried about fitting in (I didn't "fit in" much growing up and it didn't bother me either) Its just more fun if everyone dresses up when they are suppose to.

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