Forum Game: **Guilty Or Not Guilty**


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**Guilty Or Not Guilty**, basically answer and ask !!

I found this game and wanted to share this with you all.

The object of this game is to ask a question, then someone answers it by saying **Guilty Or Not Guilty** Then leaves a new question for the next poster.

Have you ever deliberatly given a stranger wrong directions?

Are you *Guilty or not Guilty?


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Have you ever gone out to the pool early, dropped your towel and book in a lounge chair pool side and gone in to breakfast and been gone an hour or so before coming back to the pool


Guilty-was training and scooter shuttle had not been ordered--

Have you ever avoided someone oin a cruise ship? Guilty or not gulity


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Not guilty (but that sure is one of the draws to a Cozumel port stop :biggrin: )

Have you ever changed dinner tables due to a bad waiter?


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Guilty...on board a ship those machines are at a premium...if you put something in you should be back to get it out before the clothes get cold!

Do you smoke on your balcony...causing "grief" for the passenger who is on the balcony next to you?