Forum Game: **Guilty Or Not Guilty**


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Have you ever taken liquor brought onboard for use "only in your cabin" to a public deck or lounge onboard the ship!


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Guilty! But classy....prosecco on a deserted deck, quietly, at sunset.

Have you ever ended up on the "clothes optional" beach not really on purpose and had a giggle?


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guilty if it was butter but not guilty on anything else

( HEY JOHN!!! What a question about balcony shenanigans!:evil: I can't believe you asked!:biggrin: )

Have you ever gotten so tipsy that you fell on board ship?


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Depends on what you call expensive :biggrin: ...but I'll plead Guilty and qualify the answer by saying it was before I discovered Imperial Jewelers!

Have you ever come down with noro virus onboard?

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Not Guilty -- have been on quite a few cruises where it was either already on the ship when we got on or it broke out during the cruise.

Have you ever arrived at dinner late?