Forum Game: **Guilty Or Not Guilty**


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Guilty - Sang a duet for the talent show with DD - had a blast!

Have you ever watched the talent show and wondered why someone actually had the nerve to show their "talent?"


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Not Guilty

Have you ever cancelled a "much looked forward to" and "long booked" cruise in favor of a different itinerary?


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Guilty! We usually enjoy the evening, but looked at the menu, thought about the sushi bar, and got no further!
Ever get "frisky" under the stars on the top deck?


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Not guilty --- how could you when they are out looking for you?

Have you ever felt afraid on a ship when a fierce storm went on for over a day?


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Not guilty...nope..never had to as I've never been sick onboard.

Guilty or Not Guilty: You've flirted with your maitre d' and had some giggles (Antonio, maybe :) )..but of course you've told your husband!
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