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Forum Game: **Guilty Or Not Guilty**


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Guilty. One time the waiter sucked, but the ass't waiter more than made up for it. We switched the recommended amounts, and gave the ass't the full waiter's tip and the waiter the assistant waiter's portion. On the same cruise, the Maitre'd came by once--on tip night--so he got an empty envelope.

Have you ever slapped yourself in the head for falling for the "t-shirt sale frenzy" on the pool deck when they are a quarter of the price on the pier?

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
Not Guilty -- we don't buy t-shirts

Have you ever had to haggle with a vendor in a port when you thought something was overpriced and he didn't think so?


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Not guilty--it's always a scramble to try and find a flight that doesn't cost more than the cruise! LOL!
Ever wish you could correct the appalling table manners of your dinner companions like you can your kids?


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NOT Guilty as I am usually to occupied eating my own tasty treats. :biggrin:

Ever walk thru the Photo Gallery looking at the photos and laughing at the ones that U wonder how the photographers captured that shot???


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Not Guilty! I've been really lucky with my tablemates!

Have you ever accidentally tried to unlock someone else's cabin door by mistake because you thought it was yours?


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Have U ever gone into the opposite sex's bathroom for whatever reason whether it be by mistake or because the line was just too long at yours??? :biggrin: