FORUM GAME: The Person Below You Thread


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I borrowed this from another forum. The purpose of this game is to make a statement about the person who will respond below you. The person must say whether it's true or false, then make a statement about the person who will reply below them. For instance:

Me: The person below me has blue eyes.
Next: False. The person below me loves sushi.
Next: True. The person below me...

I'll start:

The person below me likes midnight buffets.


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Booo...noooon.ce n'est pas vrai... Canadienne, EH!

The person below me forgot to buy Valentine chocolates.
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True! I have a dandy recipe with maple syrup and apricots...I can convert the toughest! I like them plain and steamed too.

The person below is a great gardener and flowers bloom at their whim!