Four day cruise to Ketchikan



Princess has a four day end of season cruise that only goes as far as Ketchikan. Is that far enough up to get the "Alaska" cruise experience?


Will you see some beautiful things on that cruise yes. Will it really give you Alaskan cruise eperience, no. At least not in my opinion and I have cruised Alaska multiple times.

Ketchikan is an interesting little town with much of it built on piers. It is actually an island and a rain forest. The scenery will be beautiful but it is not the best of an Alaskan cruise. It will probably be enough to make you want to go back and do a full Alaskan cruise though.

If the price is right and you have the time and just want a little taste of Alaska I say take the cruise, but as I said it just might make you wanting more.


Well, a 4-day cruise to Ketchikan is better than no cruise at all...

I took a 3-day cruise from San Francisco to Vancouver, not expecting much in the way of scenery, but to enjoy the cruise ship, and the little trip, so that might be a consideration..

but as PEB says, doing a 4 day only to Ketchikan will only whet your appetite for the "real thing" -- at least a 7 day cruise along the coast, preferably with a 5 (or longer) day land tour attached at one end! :)

68 days until my cruise on the Island Princess, Seward to Vancouver!


Hi uqyvel,
We are booked on this cruise!
We have been to Alaska before, on an Inside Passage Cruise, and would love, someday, to do a land/cruise, but for now, I was looking for a 3 or 4 day cruise to take my Mom on. She's in her 80s and never been on a cruise. She lives in S.Calif., and has been to Mexico many times, so I didn't want to go there. Most of the coastal short cruises, on the West Coast, do not have any port stops. I thought she would get a taste of cruising on this trip, to Alaska, where she has never been, and with a couple of sea days and a port. I, too, have never been to Ketchikan, so that part will be new for both of us. My husband and I were on the Star Princess in April, and it is a wonderful ship, so I think that this little four day cruise will be a good "sampler" cruise......maybe not a good overview of Alaska, but a good overview of cruising.


Hi all. Im new the these Boards.

This topic caught my eye because I was considering a 4 day cruise to Ketchikan from HAL departing vancouver Sept 22. Im not going but was considring it for next year if it is still offered since I can drive to vancouver.

Can someon comment if this itinery is normal for the end of Alaska Season?
Is the quality of cruising the same then if it were in the sommer?
Is this cruise some kind of wind down or maintenace cruise?


Hi guppie,
I can't answer your questions, but I WILL be able to answer the comparison question when we return. I don't know about the maintenance thing.......I think it is more of a "filler" cruise, until the ship heads back to S. Calif. for a Mexican Riviera itinerary. Maybe there is an issue of docking, or something............. I know that the Star's itinerary was changed from a Fall Asian itinerary, to a Mexican Riviera Itinerary, before she heads to the Far East later in the year..
Welcome to the world of online cruising! :)


Guppie I believe the cruise you are talking about is just for the cruise line to fill in time before it heads back to the warmer climates or so that they can fill dates for a new cruise schedule.