This was quoted from a specialist we have on the boards here

"Hey gang. Here are some real live prices I found today (these are total prices including tax)

Balcony cabin on 6/11 (sailing right after the inaugural which is already sold out) $1904.00 / pp.

My contact at RCCL says the lowest price of the year so far is going to be October 8. The balcony cabin on that date will be $992.00.

RCCL's special desk for booking FOS was expecting 10,000 calls today. WOW!

Book early and book often"


Me thinks I"m going to spend my dollars on the Grand Dame Queen Mary 2 for a 6 day trans-atlantic. Them thar are some seriously high pricing. Those bills ain't for Royal caribbean. We'll see in a few years when they stabilize these prices. :thumb