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Friendly advice to the Big Cats

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Hucc, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    hey.... so glad you're here and are enjoying our site :) ... now your site too :cheers

    one piece of advice... I noticed that your main thread is nearly 149 responses big so far... and that many new pieces of information are being introduced in it

    may I suggest that every time the topic changes, that you start a new thread?

    I know that personally I don't want to wade through so many responses looking for new questions. However, if a new question or comment was posted in a new thread, I'd jump in to at least read it -- and answer the question, if I could. :)
  2. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I have a dial up connection so I don't even try to look at posts that are long. I would drink a pot of coffee before some of the threads loaded :lol thats why I try and get to E's Bon Voyages before too many posts have gotten in :lol

    Laurie :wave
  3. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Before everybody gets carried away...........................

    That particulary thread is a thread mainly of communications between the Cats,
    no need to really worry how long it gets, they are the ones that have to cover the

    I am sure they will be spreading themselves around the rest of the forum before
    long, and everybody will get a shot at them.
  4. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    WHat is a BIG CAT And are they afraid of clowns ?
  5. SaraLee..
    The Big Cats are a bunch of good people that meet on another Board that cruised 9/6/03 on the Glory andwe had a blast..... we are all plan on cruising in the Mariner 9/12/04.. they used me for a prop and sang Baby Love hence my name......
  6. bOB - First, thank you for your advice. Second, whenever I type a post on "our" thread I check the box at the bottom of the post that says "E-mail replies to this thread, to the address above" so that when any of the Big Cats post after me, I can read it without having to go through our thread and read every post since my last one. Besides...at our previous home (another cruise board) we had thousands of posts, on over 50 pages of one thread!!! We don't mind! It does probably keep others from coming in...but we do venture out and keep our eyes open for new topics and threads on the board as a whole. We probably will start new threads for certain topics, if we want to have people help us out with our questions, of course.

    Thanks again :grin You rock!!

    Yogini :girly

    P.S. Sara Lee - I'm not sure if all the Big Cats hate clowns...I just personally find them FRIGHTENING!! :sniper :clown

  7. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    oh about clowns .. I picked this gif because of coming from another board that was "awful " and so I found the perfect gif for my name and the message is that I am really just a clown frosting a cake ..
    no not really but that is how the other board made me feel ..
    Sorry clowns frighten you .. they do me to and I have to warn you . my clown does get loose every once in a while and goes on cruises with out me ..

    a lot of the characters here do that .. but bOB or Ali or Suer helps to keep them in line
    if you want a gif just ask one of those people and they will help you pick one and use it ..

    Also WELCOME and hope you post everywhere and im glad you guys had such a fun time on your last cruise together.. Sounds like a real fun time ...
  8. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Wasn't my advice........ My advice is "do what you want"

    This is your home ground, the original thread was where it started, if
    you what it to be 400 posts, go for it. I am sure that the group will eventually
    mingle in with the rest of the forum, but like anything else, it all takes time
    and as I said in an email to George, you all seem to be pretty self sufficient
    and don't need to be inundated with rules, you keep your own noses clean.
    We had a thread on the Carnival board reach over 200 posts, hell, go for the

    And don't worry about Sara Lee's clown, whenever it gets out of line we just
    send it over to the Hostess bakery for a while, straightens it right up.
  9. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Hey all....another Big Cat here......

    Bob....you just KILL ME :lol.....you need to come on our Mariner cruise with us!! I can guarantee the Big Cats will surpass the current record.....we are a bunch of neurotic's when it comes to posting!!

    Thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome.....Saralee.....we are a crazy bunch that like to have fun so if you are looking for a good time....we are the crowd!! I would keep an eye on your clown though.....YC is on the loose shooting everyone that she sees!! :lol

    Chat soon......:kitten
  10. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    the advice was meant to be helpful, not demanding

    of course you can do what you want -- within reason :lol
  11. fine then...thanks for nothin' :tout

    JK Hucc!! :lol


    P.S. I enjoy keeping my own nose clean...just remember the saying "you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose"! :grin
  12. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Oh thank goodness for that last one :lol
    Belated welcome to the cats..... I like cats and clowns.. even if one of them sometimes lands behind bard...right bOB? :grin

    PS.. so how do the cats feel about chickens? :lol
  13. Okay, can I just say now that I'm blonde - I've finally figured out that the initial "advice" giver was Hucc (thank you again) and I responded to bOB (thank YOU for nothin'! JK!! :kisses LOL!) I guess I've had bOB on the brain since the Big Cats arrived because he's been so helpful. Sorry about that bOB! But I did manage to get it right after my last post to Hucc :lol ! Everytime I hear the name bOB, I think about the movie "What About Bob?" - LMAO!!

    "I'm sailing..I'm sailing. I'm a sailor...I sail."

    RedStripe - I don't know if anyone in our group as an aversion to chickens, I personally think chickens are great!! They taste like chicken!

    Yogini :grin
  14. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    yogini.... you said the wrong thing :lol :grin

    you'll see why when Churchill gets wind of this post :grin :lol
  15. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Kinky is using a feather......................

    Perverted is using the whole chicken........................

    Churchill is perverted.
  16. LMAO!! Pervs make me laugh :lol

    Look out Churchill :flog
  17. WOW
    We have Big Cats, Chickens, Clowns, Feathers and someone named Churchill...sounds good to me when do we start the party :) :puke
  18. Churchill

    Churchill Guest

    The party starts now dude.. and dudesses.

    this chicken is ready to crack a few yolks.. :grin
  19. Churchill

    Churchill Guest

    By the way.. I once read a good book...
    101 ways to use a dead cat :lol
  20. aagglaser

    aagglaser Guest

    Churchill, Churchill, Churchill...

    You have no idea the can of woop a** you just brought upon yourself, for your sake I hope they gloss over your book reference. Very touchy group when it comes to animals. Don't say I didn't warn you. You still have a chance to make ammends, these people will find you.

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