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"Funpass" vs. "Boarding Pass"

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by MikeNBec, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Okay, heres a question.............I know theres a funpass you can register for online with Carnival. Our travel agent sent us a form that we can fax to Carnival, and its called a "boarding pass/immigration declaration form"............he has a note on it saying we can fax this to Carnival. Is this the same thing? In other words, if we fax this over, can we get onboard quicker like with the funpass?
  2. booboo4031

    booboo4031 Guest

    The funpass/boarding pass information is needed 3 days prior to boarding for manifest and homeland security reasons. They tell you to be sure to print out your funpass. I just came back from the Carnival Legend and they didn't ask for it. When I got my docs, it said that they had all my funpass info so they were not required to enter any info in the computers when you check in. The manifests are now closed 3 days prior to sailing and the complete info is required.
  3. mikesteg

    mikesteg Guest

    I don't have that document in my forms for this Sunday. The only thing to fill out is the Sail & Sign form (and I did the Funpass online). In 6 cruises, I have never been required to fill out any forms before showing up at the pier. The info required for the government manifest is the name/address info you normally provide when booking.

    Do you have some unusual circumstance? Foreigner living in the US? History of being a ship's photographer? :)
  4. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    No, no history of being a ships photographer..........although the wife and I HAVE taken pics, but thats another story..........LOL. Anyway, nope, its just a form and it says I can fax it over.......its the form you fill out when you get on the ship, but I'm wondering if this is a way of getting on quicker.
    And booboo, thanks for your reply!
  5. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Mikesteg is correct, unless they changed something. The form you were given was the funpass info. It has a few more things on it like your drivers license, proper name, addrress, whether you are a past guest and means of getting to and from the port. This is the same stuff that you would have to fill in at the registration desk, if you do not fill in the fun pass.

    I assume they call it "fun" pass because its supposed to save you a lot of time in line. Actually, it does save some time at the counter, depending upon the lines and time of your checkin.

    It would be good for everyone to know IF they have changed anything. The only thing I know that has changed is that most people are filling out the form/pass way before arriving at the port.

    Great cruising

  6. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    The only thing I would add is not to give your social security number on any forms. It really isn't needed and if you look at the back of your ss card it says it should not be used for identification purposes. So they can't make you use it. When we cruised one Carnival employee told us it was mandatory, but we didn't include it. When we got to the pier I told the Carnival employee that we don't give out our ss #s and to use a different number to identify us if they needed to, and she said it was o.k. and that they have many people that don't use their ss#s. In a day when identity theft is out of control every little bit helps.
  7. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Yeah, I know the type of people that "don't give ss #'s" and don't give their area code when they buy something at Toys R Us, ect.........
  8. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    I hardly think that you can compare your social security number with your area code.
  9. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Ummmmmmmm.......I wasn't......is there really that big of a reading comprehension problem on this board?
  10. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Sometimes people will respond to the original posting and OTHERTIMES, PEOPLE WILL RESPOND TO RESPONDENTS, either to clarify, correct or compliment the respondent.

    While this is a helping board, sometimes it works like the grapevine. The original topic will often change. Now I have been guilty of changing the topic, but IT DOESN'T MEANS I OR ANYONE ELSE HERE HAS A COMPREHENSION PROBLEM.

    Maybe its your understanding of how these boards work and how people work.


  11. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Ummm......I didn't mention any names.......so I didn't insult anyone. If you or anyone saw themselves in a post, don't get mad at me.
    Also, I am not poltically correct, which seems to be the way many people are these days.....sorry. And saying that the "topic will often change" makes sense............but when someone completely misreads what someone posts, thats not "changing the topic."
    And since you don't know how these boards work, typing in caps is not nice. Make a note of that.

    Have a great day!
  12. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    The reason why I mentioned social security numbers is because they ask for it on your docs. Now maybe I'm a bit confused, but don't your docs have to do with your boarding pass?

    By the way, thanks coffeecups.
  13. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Bay, nevermind..........LOL.....hey coffee, I rest my case.
  14. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    OK I guess I misread you MIke&Bec. Sorry.

  15. moffiedog

    moffiedog Guest

    I filled in the funpass on line and all it asked was whether I was using a driver's license or passport. That's it. No passport number etc.
  16. Los Abuelos

    Los Abuelos Guest

    Ummm all of the SS# vs Drivers License # etc will be a moot point pretty soon anyway as they phase in the new passport requirements check out US Dept of State site for the full scoop at:


    Here's the deal:
    The travel initiative requirements will be rolled out in phases, providing as much advance notice as possible to the affected public to enable them to meet the terms of the new guidelines. The proposed implementation timeline is as follows:

    December 31, 2005 – Passport or other accepted document required for all travel (air/sea) to or from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central and South America.

    December 31, 2006 – Passport or other accepted document required for all air and sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada.

    December 31, 2007 – Passport or other accepted document required for all air, sea and land border crossings.

    So get your passport now and avoid the rush and the hassle over SS#'s etc.

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