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Had occasion to go to to YVR yesterday for a look see. It's quite different that when you are flying in and out olet me tell you. My face didn't look like everyone elses at all.

The domestic reno's are coming along but still years away and Skytrain for 2010 looks to be on track. Yes you will be able to take a train to downtown Vancouver.... putting an end to that popular question of how do I get there and taxi and limo pricing.

Speaking of taxi's and limo's. There were lots of cabs there when we arrived and also lots of limos. An hour later there were NO limo's in sight. 2:45 PM

For international departure flyers that have lots of time at the airport I would suggest a stroll over to the domestic side (outside security of course) for food and services it's not too far and there's lots more room or there was when we were there.

Check out the YVR WEBSITE. http://www.yvr.ca/
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