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galaxy v. grand princess

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by vcruiser, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. vcruiser

    vcruiser Guest

    debating between a 10 day on the galaxy for $1700 (for 2) out of baltimore (we're from the area) and a 7 day on the grand princess $1000 (for 2 - bargain!) out of Ft. laud.(so extra travel expenses). like the grands itinerary a leeeetle bit better

    early 30's, almost 10 cruises (rci, carnival, ncl, hal - usually not the newest ships - we are very cost conscious) and I've been dying to take a celebrity cruise but I don't know if the price difference is worth it. Interested in celebrity because I feel like it might be a little different from the rest I've taken in terms of service and food. Do NOT like my cruises to be excessively crowded which is my biggest concern about the grand however - considering it because it IS one of those megaships with all the entertainment etc that comes with it (we love las vegas for gambling and entertainment).

    not sure if I've given enough info and contradicted myself but interested in opinions of experienced cruiser who have been on both ships.

    is celebrity really special?
    are the food/spa/little extras really worth it?
    is the grand just too crowded with lines and people/people/people wherever you go?
    is the megaship experience that much more entertaining?
    am I asking the right questions??!?!

    any response appreciated - thanks
  2. BP

    BP Guest

    Take the cruise that you can afford. They are both good ships.
  3. vcruiser

    vcruiser Guest

    Well we can afford either one but just want to use our dollars wisely -
    thanks for the input
  4. lonny

    lonny Guest

    I've been on both and I would spend my $$$$$ on Celebrity.
    In fact I am....DH & I are leaving for 10 days out of Baltimore on 4/16/04.
    6 weeks from today...there are 36 of us already signed up for the cruise critic party on cruisecritic.com.

    I'm sure well have lots of laughs....join US ! ! !
  5. docbfree

    docbfree Guest

    Grand is awesome ship. Rooms better esp mini-suites. But....classy excellent service, gourmet food and overall experience better on Celebrity. I think this is a no brainer book the Celebrity every time except the Horizon and Zenith which would not have enough things to do.
  6. idssms

    idssms Guest

    I have been on both several times.

    Guess what?

    My sailing days on Princess are over since I have indulged in Celebrity, ie, the Century and Galaxy.

    Remember: you get what you pay for. If one is higher and still very popular there must be a reason and although Celebrity is 3 days longer, it is still more expensive.

    As a treat, try the new CC class with the upgraded service. You will be glad you did.

    My 11 cents worth

  7. BarbInMich

    BarbInMich Guest

    We've been on sister ships of the ones you're considering: Mercury and Golden P. We like Celebrity (going our 7th cruise with them next month), but think Princess has some advantage, as well. While I prefer the food on Celebrity, the personal choice dining option on Princess is mighty appealing and we enjoyed it on the Golden. Size-wise, I don't think you'll notice the difference. We were on the Golden during its Thanksgiving week cruise and it was at max. capacity. Given that, plus 3 sea days with all those folks, there really wasn't a feeling of being too crowded. In fact, I felt much more crowded in the Horizon in Jan. in the "Lido" buffet area. I think Princess offers more entertainment options at night, often having a big show in the theater, as well as a comedian or something in the largest lounge.
  8. vcruiser

    vcruiser Guest

    thanks for all your input! we are going with the grand this time because we feel it's just a better deal. but our next cruise will definitely be with celebrity... please - keep the comments coming - love reading them!
  9. idssms

    idssms Guest

    Sorry: Wrong decision,, should have gone with Celebrity and the service and quality. Work some overtime and save up the difference.
  10. drumman

    drumman Guest

  11. vcruiser

    vcruiser Guest

    wow - you two really know how to bring a girl down.
    Had I posted this under the princess heading I'm sure I would have read equally enthusiastic reviews of the grand.

    the real problem is: so many cruises, so little time....
  12. BarbInMich

    BarbInMich Guest

    vcruiser wrote:

    > wow - you two really know how to bring a girl down.

    Don't worry about the naysayers. We've cruised 2 or more times on what I consider comparable lines: Celebrity, Princess and Holland America. I don't think you can go wrong on any of them. Each is good and each has its own special strengths and maybe a few weaknesses. Enjoy!
  13. docbfree

    docbfree Guest

    Although those two people were a little harsh, and I agree with latest comment that you'll enjoy both.....you did ask for advice and received unanimous support for the Celebrity ship. In my case, I am not just a Celebrity person...I would return to either line, but the better experience would have been on Celebrity. If you are saving a significant amount of money this was a great decision. But if it was less than $100-150 pp, why did you ask for advice?
  14. idssms

    idssms Guest

    I really didnt mean to be harsh,, not in the least,, but you asked for opinions and having sailed both cruiselines many times in my 50 plus years,,, I gave you some personal advice.

    I didnt post my comments to be rude,, I just think, in my opinion,,, you picked the wrong ship for the wrong reasons -- Price.

    I would have rather saved up and done something a bit nicer. $700 isnt pocket change but it isnt that much of a difference in todays economy.

    You will enjoy Princess,, I did a mini suite on the Grand,, it was very nice,, but,, not anything like the Celebrity Suites with their butler service,, etc.

    I found the Princes Crew very indifferent and unfriendly. The Celebrity crew always nods, says hi or good morning or afternoon,, and the social hostess and cruise director mingle with ALL the folks. Its just a great experience.

    ps. I am not affiliated with either cruise line.
  15. KathyN

    KathyN Guest

    Vcruiser enjpy the Grand- wonderful ship and you will not feel crowded. You asked for our opinions but you evidently didn't feel that anyone gave an especially weighty reason to choose the Milennium over the Grand and I agree. Both ships will be a wonderful vacation for anyone. The Grand's fresh water pools and spas are very very nice. (I esp. like the adults only aft pool.) I found the staff to be very pleasant and to do their jobs well.
  16. stargazerm31

    stargazerm31 Guest

    I have been on both as well. I prefer Galaxy and I prefer the 10/11 night cruises to a 7 night.

    IMHO if money is an issue and you like the Grand's ports better do Princess. It's a cruise so you can't go wrong.

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