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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by estreetbandfan23, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. when my family was thinking of a cruise for this year we came down to the Galaxy and adventure of the seas but one thing we could not agree on was whether or not Galaxy was updated/fixed up since she first started sailing can anyone tell me more about this and how old is she really?

    Anthony Marchionda
  2. The ship was launched in late 1996 & to date has not had a MAJOR refit. It has however been updated constantly & is always in top condition (as are all Celebrity ships). The Galaxy will not afford you as many different venues as the AOS will, but it will give you far superior service, dining, & stateroom size. You should base your decision more on what type of cruise experience you are looking for. The AOS will be more upbeat with more to do for the kids, whereas the Galaxy will offer a much higher level of overall cruise satisfaction.
  3. thanks i new my mom was wrong that is why i leave san juan Aug 7 on the Adventure of the seas
  4. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    We went on the Galaxy in June. We were very disappointed. The ship is old and needs a major refit. The cabins (concierge class) are very small as are the balconies. The food in the dining room was very very basic.
  5. viet630

    viet630 Guest

    We went on the Century in April.The ship was VERY ,VERY WARN.In my opinion if Celebrity is to keep thier premium status they should put thier ship's in dry dock more often. I realize that the Century is to go in for refurb. in 06.but it is way overdue and should have been done like 2-3 years ago.To charge the premium prices that they now charge the whole experience need's to be premium.Viet
  6. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    I am taking my first cruise on the Galaxy to the Med in September and am very excited :dance

    Have been on the Century, Mercury, Summit and Millennium. The Galaxy is old and I don't expect her to look like one of the newer ships. However, we did sail on the Voyager of the Seas and I was surprised to see that her carpeting was worn in spots and the elevators were all scratched. :nono

    I do not expect the Galaxy to be perfect. However, Celebrity goes all out and I expect the service, food and overall cruise experience to be wonderful!

  7. devito

    devito Guest

    We are experienced cruisers with over 25 cruises under our belt. We cruised the Galaxy last April through the Panama Canal with our two teens 16 and 18.

    _ Very few teens on board...not more than 20
    - Best food at sea!! Every meal was fabulous
    -Best lounge chairs- very comfortable padding with towels poolside
    - Excellent service and attention
    - The ship is in excellent condition- minor wear and tear but not a problem

    We loved this cruise - probably one of the best I have taken. The kids, despite the lack of other teens found friends and were quite happy.

    I booked this same ship and itinerary yesterday for April 2006. It is not for everyone. I love an understated experience with great food and service. I don't care much about rock climbing and skating rinks.

    Good luck!!
  8. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    For my money I would take Celebrity over anyother. I agree there are more activities for teenagers on RCCL.
  9. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    We just got hoe yesterday from a wonderful Med cruise on the Galaxy.

    Don't kow what the fuss is all about. The shup was in good condition and everything was up the high Celebrity standards.

    I don't complain much and enjoy the TOTAL experience while in a cruise. I know this is an older ship so I don't expect it to look like one that has just joined the fleet. How could it? However, I was looking for things that could be improved or looked shabby on this ship because of all the chatter on the boards about her. Not true! I think they need new dining room chairs. They were old and could use new padding..however, this did not take away from the wonderful experience on the Galaxy. I certainly would cruise her again. Still like the Mercury best but Itinerary is more important that the ship' decore and ambiance anyway.

    There were 8 kids on this cruise but we never saw them. Certain more kids are cruising during the summer and school vacation times. Perfect for us, our kids are grown and this could have been an "adult only" cruise.

    The Galaxy's entertainment on this cruise was the best we have experienced at sea, and that is saying something. Sorry I don't have another cruise booked now, will have to search the Med offers and see what I can find. Want to head back to Europe for another 10-dayer. This is the second best cruise we have taken, number one was the South Pacific.

    Happy cruising and if you select the Galaxy you will not be disappointed.
  10. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I have to add: We were on the Galaxy in April...Found a tear in a sofa in the Cigar bar!!!!! Ruined the entire cruise....yeah, right......

    Outstanding service, superb food, wonderful entertainment, great martinis. Cabin steward from the gods.

    Nothing tops it...but I am a rookie, only 49 cruises.

    Oh, yeah, going back April 13, 2006 gotta go see if they fixed that horrible rip in that couch!!!!
  11. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    Jim you are so very funny, but it is so true :dance

    Enjoy your cruise, wish we were oining you!
  12. We'll be on her in December for the Canal. Looking forward to it.
    Just got off the Summit last Friday and I have mixed feelings about the experience, not as good as our cruise on Mercury in February. Fab itinerary and met great people. Flow in dining room and entertainment were not nearly as good as the Mercury.
  13. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    I stand by what i said in an earlier post. Compared to the RCI ships that i have been on the Galaxy is an old and worn ship and more importantly the food in the dining room was poor. I had no complaints about the service we received but from my point of view the ship was not a 5 star ship as advertised. Maybe in the USA its advertised as a 3 star and is priced accordingly?


    Splendour of the Seas
    Mariner of the Seas
    Jewel of the Seas

    Brilliance of the Seas Sept 2006
  14. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest


    I thought the food was excellent, both on the buffet and in the dining rooms :chef

    However, I did make the mistake of ordering duck - the worst meal of the cruise. Never again. My husband thought the beef was not up to par with our previous cruises. BUT, this is a man who eats anything you put in front of him. He is just as happy with a piece of pizza and a hamburger. I have more of a gourmet palate , am more selective in my food choices and enjoyed the food.

    No, the ship is not listed as a 3 star and priced accordingly. Several of the Celebrity ships are priced a bit lower, only because they ARE the older ships. People all want to jump aboard the larger and newer ships. Think the pricing is to attract folks who are not as interested in "bigger is better" - I am one of those people.

    I look forward to the time when the Galazy goes into drydock to get a face lift. I agree that she is old and needs a new look. She will get one soon :dance .

    If her itinerary interests me I will sail her again.
  15. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    Thanks for the information. I think the pricing must be different here in the UK because the Galaxy was the most expensive ship i have ever been on which, of course, wouldnt have helped my disappointment. So if you imagine that i paid less for, say, the Mariner, you can understand where im coming from. In fact, thinking about it, i paid less for our 12 day Baltic cruise on the Jewel of the Seas (amazing ship) than our week on the Galaxy. I guess i was 'well and truly done'!

    sheila :uk:
  16. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest


    When I booked this cruise on the Galaxy price was a huge factor. However, Celebrity is my favorite cruise line so it was an easy selection. I book all my cruises on the Internet and get excellent prices and it is easy to shop for competitive rates. How are you booking your cruises? I get daily emails from the various Internet agencies and keep a watchful eye on the prices. Many of the message boards offer group cruises and the rates are usually better than if you book on your own. If you paid less for the Jewel of the Sea I should check out where you booked that cruise. I have just started checking in to Baltic cruises, that is my next adventure, I think. Let me know about the Jewel - Thanks.


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