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Getting An Upgrade...what does it take?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Rick & Jenny, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. IBDP

    IBDP Guest


    Whi is the TA you are referring to? Sounds as if she is a successful TA. We would love to give her a call for booking and advice.


  2. suncat

    suncat Guest


    From a BF Guarantee to a BB on Baja Deck - Very Aft....B751 - The deck looks large - Anyone have any feedback on this cabins or ones near it?

    We paid for a BF and ended up with an upgrade worth about $400.

    My TA gets all the credit here. She said to Book BF and not pay for a higher cabin category right away, but then pay the diffeence before your final payment if you were not upgraded and still wanted a higher cat. cabin.. She said since we were booking guarantee far enough in advance we have a 80% chance of an upgrade through them as they are in the top 1% of Princess agents. I have to say - I believe that they are in the top 1% because she delivered and IT IS OUR FIRST CRUISE!!!

    CRUISES-N-MORE.COM through CruiseCompete is how we got our deal!


  3. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    $50 for the Lobster Din Din on the balcony. Prefer a much MORE peaceful atmosphere for enjoying my lobster so we chose the Bayou Cafe. :thumb

  4. asctony

    asctony Guest

    SunCat: Very happy to hear that you got an upgrade. You never did say what ship or what date. Would like to know so I can do some research on this. Happy Cruising!!
  5. asctony

    asctony Guest

    SunCat: Just checked your cruise agency online for our upcoming cruise. It would run me $131.00 pp more for the same cruise. So you win some and loss some. Happy Cruising!!
  6. suncat

    suncat Guest


    Did you go to CruiseCompete.com. That's how I hooked up with Cruises-n-more, they were the lowest on my particular cruise.

  7. CaribbeanSun

    CaribbeanSun Guest

    It is amazing how all agents say they are in the top 1% of Princess agents.
  8. Mgram

    Mgram Guest

    When we were on the Celebrity Millennium inaugual, we had booked through Cruises-n-More. It was our first Celebrity cruise.....and we went from deck 2 outside cabin to an midship balcony.....deck 9 ..... now THAT's an upgrade. I think part of what helped the upgrade was that we were part of a group of 70 people....we ALL got upgraded!!!
  9. asctony

    asctony Guest

    SunCat: Yes, that is the agency, CruisenMore, that I checked and they want $131.00 more per person for the same cruise. Please let me know what ship and date you are cruising so I may compare apples to apples. I would appreciate that. Again, I am really glad that you got your upgrade, etc. Happy Cruising!!
  10. suncat

    suncat Guest


    I'm cruising on Caribbean Princess on July 31 to the Western Caribbean. Good luck on apples to apples.
  11. asctony

    asctony Guest

    SunCat: Just did a search on one other Cruise Agency that I normally use as a base price and found the following prices for the Caribbean Princess 7/31/04:
    BF $1,282.65 pp GTY
    BB $1,339.36 pp B753

    How did your agent compare? If your TA is really better, I will have to check that TA out.
    Happy Cruising!!
  12. bfpierce2004

    bfpierce2004 Guest

    We will also be on our 6th princess cruise. on our 5th we were upgraded from a balcony room to a mini suite....the downside to being upgraded is that you never want a lesser category stateroom. we are going back to alaska and booked a guaranteed balcony and are hoping to be upgraded to a mini suite. you have a much better change of being upgraded on a guarantee booking than if you book a specific cabin. the only downside is that if you dont like the cabin you get it doesnt matter...you are stuck with it. good luck on your upgrade and happy cruising!!!
  13. Rick & Jenny

    Rick & Jenny Guest

    Hello again fellow Cruise @ddicts,

    We've come full circle. We just came off the Coral Princess a couple of days ago. We had a wonderful cruise. We cannot say enough good things about our cruise experience and the ship or Princess for that matter.
    We are very happy to report (since we first started this thread back on 2-014-04) that we did receive an upgrade from Princess for our cruise that departed on March 12th. All it took was a phone call and a simple request to someone in Customer Service. They were readily accomodating. We had originally booked an inside cabin on Baja Deck and we were upgraded to an outside (obstructed view) cabin (E-516) on Emerald Deck. We had a minimal obstruction as we were positioned between tenders.

    Rick & Jenny:couple
  14. suncat

    suncat Guest


    We paid a little less than BF $1,282.65 pp GTY ($1210) and it included port fees and taxes. Does your quote include these fees? It was $168 for the travel insurance.

  15. Rick & Jenny

    Rick & Jenny Guest

    Post Edited (04-20-04 10:21)

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