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Getting to Port Everglades

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by NickandLizzie, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend the best (that is, cheapest and simplest) way to get from Miami Beach to Port Everglades? We have a couple of days in South Beach before and after the cruise, and we won't have a hire car. We didn't book the hotel through Princess, so I presume we can't use their transfer service.

    According to Google Earth, the distance between the two is around twenty miles as the crow (or more appropriately, the pelican) flies and I can imagine that adding up to a fairly hefty taxi fare.

    Is there a reliable bus / railway / something else that would be a better option than a taxi?


    PS: Isn't Google Earth fantastic?! You can see a Princess boat moored up at Port Everglades, and another off Princess Cays, with a tender running between ship and shore. I've created placemarks for the islands we'll be visiting on the Sun Princess in April...
  2. S&M in Pgh

    S&M in Pgh Guest

    Depending on where you are staying in Miami, ot should be about a 45 minute trip. And you are right, it would be a hefty taxi ride. You might be better off using a car service.


    We have never done that particular trip, but a couple of cruises ago, our traveling companions spent a few days pre cruise in the Keys and rented a small car for just the drive up. He found that it was cheaper, but more nerve wracking driving himself.

    Hope it helps.

  3. zip3636

    zip3636 Guest

    Hi Nick,

    We just returned from a great cruise aboard the Coral Princess.

    Princess offered ground tranport to the Fort Lauderdale airport for $10. pp and $15. to Miami.

    I assume it would be the same to the port. Hope that this helps.

  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've done some digging and I have some figures which I'll share in case it helps anyone else:

    Taxis from South Beach to Port Everglades come in at around $65-80. It seems that you pay what the meter says, rather than getting a fixed price. Limo services cost around the same, but the price is per person rather than per vehicle.

    If you can make your own way to Miami airport, there's a shuttle to Port Everglades which is $30 per person each way.

    Princess also run a shuttle from the airport to the port, at around $17.50 per person each way. You can get on this even if you didn't book your flights or accommodation with them.

    To rent a car for 2 hours (picking it up in South Beach and dropping it off at Fort Lauderdale airport) starts at $35. From there, it's only another 2.5 miles to the port.

    It seems the bus service around Miami is really good, and there is a 24hr service running between South Beach and Miami airport.

    What I don't know yet is whether there's a public service bus from Miami airport to Port Everglades - that would certainly come out cheapest. If there isn't one, I think I'll go for the Princess shuttle.

  5. Change of plan! I have looked into the option of public transport, and it's pretty good. Miami-Dade bus from South Beach to Aventura Mall, Broward County bus from Aventura Mall to Port Everglades. Cheap and simple - buses seem to run every 5-10 mins and only cost around $2.

  6. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Wow Nick! This might seem like a great idea to you but if I were Lizzie I don't think I'd be best pleased with "the bus" solution :grin ! I can't imagine schlepping my luggage on and off public bus transportation!
  7. Hi Beryl,

    I take your point, but getting to P.E. is just one of a number of costs we have in taking this cruise, and I'm trying to keep them down where I can! We have near $500 per person flights from the UK to MIA, a late-night taxi from MIA to South Beach, 3 nights in a South Beach hotel before the cruise, and 2 more after it. It's not like we're just flying into FLL with a budget airline on the day of the cruise (I'm not assuming that that's your situation either, but you get the point I'm trying to make).

    If we were getting a taxi from SoBe to P.E., that would be c.$80. If we go for the Princess shuttle, we'd also have to get to MIA and back at our own expense... and it all adds up. To be honest, if I can get to P.E. and back for less than $5 per head as opposed to $150 or more, I'm going to do it! If nothing else, it means I can take a couple of shore excursions without feeling too guilty about it :)


    PS: Lizzie won't be doing much schlepping! I suspect I'll be undertaking the manual tasks personally!
  8. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    :grin! Well, do come back and let us know how it all works out! Be sure the public transportation will allow you to transport luggage!

    And you're right.....I have access to no budget airlines from where I live. I paid well over $700.00 to fly from here to Fort Lauderdale for my cruise in February. Fortunately I was not traveling with DH this trip other wise that would have been multiplied by 2 !

    Have you checked out this site?? I know a lot of people use supershuttle. I most often hear of people using them in the Los Angeles area but I expect they are just as popular and reliable in Miami!!

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