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Getting your bags in Alaska

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by gazingm42, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. gazingm42

    gazingm42 Guest

    I have read different infomation and talked with Carnival and I get several
    different answers.

    Weare taking the spirit NB and arrive in Whittier. We have a rental car setup to be
    pickup in Anchorage Airport. So we will be taking the bus from whitter to the

    Does our bags go on the same bus with us or do they place it on a different bus
    or truck to arrive at the airport. Where do we meet up with our bags at the airport?
    What type of wait is there normally waiting for your bags?

  2. ScottieB64

    ScottieB64 Guest

    Here you go. You put your bags out by 10pm on the last night of the cruise. First of all when you get on you have to fill out a questionaire advising what your plans are after the cruise and what flight you will be taking and what time. They issue tags according to airline and time of departure. They call you off the ship according to your tag # and color. You then get on a bus and head to Anchorage. If your flight is before 6pm they take you to the airport where you will get your luggage there. If you flight is after 6pm they take you to the Egan Center downtown where you wait and then take a shuttle to the airport. If you go to the Egan Center you luggage is there. That is one thing I really liked about the Alaska Cruise. Didn't have to touch your luggage once you initially checked it until it gets to your cabin. They get it at the airport in Vancouver and transport it so you never even see it. Very nice.
  3. etherius

    etherius Guest

    Hey shipmate:

    My party of five is also sailing the NB from Vancouver to Whittier on June 30.
    Look for a short, chubby guy with silver hair and a flat top.

    We booked our air from Anchorage and our flight is scheduled for late on July 7.

    We decided to book an excursion in Whittier to fill up our day. We were told that our bags would be sent ahead to the Egan Center and from there we could pick them up or have them transfered with our flight.

    I am still a little confused by this, but, if they are offering a post-cruise excursion, I'm sure that they will be able to give us several options for getting our luggage home.

    Hope to see you on board.
  4. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    I think this was posted elsewhere, but you might want to rent your car downtown, vs. the airport. Their is an avis rental about 3 blocks from the Egan center where the buses go. You get off bus, walk a few blocks, get car then (maybe) get your bags. They do not travel with the bus, so there could be a delay. We did a hotel (should have rented a car too), but our bags were not ready. We went and checked in, then went to eat, shopped and walked then got our bags -with no crowd left.

    By the way, nice casual sidewalk type place to eat about two blocks from Egan Center ( to the right as you FACE the Egan Center). Good food at decent prices. Actually ate there again the next day.
  5. If you have a late flight your bags will be at the Eagan Center. Your tour will drop you off at the Egan center also. Then they have shuttle bus that goes to the airport. I think the last bus leaves for the airport around 5:30 or 6. They will go over all this on the ship also. We were to Alaska in May. Have a good time.
  6. ScottieB64

    ScottieB64 Guest

    They tell you this onboard. Make sure someone responsible goes to the debarkation talk. Everything is explained there.
  7. gazingm42

    gazingm42 Guest

    so since we actually spending another week in alaska time in not really a issue to say.
    Except we really don't want to hang around anchorage for no reason. Downtown
    rentals were not available with 4 x 4 when we made our reservations. As far as the
    cruise knows we leave on a 12Noon flight :; ....

    Normally how long should one expect to wait for bags at the airport? Is there a carnival
    pick up your bags here area that is clearly marked? So far I personally have not been
    impressed by the knowledge of CCL on this topic. Every agent you talk to you will
    get a different answer.

    How far is the Egan center from the Airport?

  8. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    1 - I assume there is a REAL reason to get a 4x4 - meaning normal driving would not require that

    2 - Airport is not far from town - 15 minutes

    3 - You could carry your own bags off the ship... but you must be able to carry them down the gangway as well. If you are doing two weeks, probably not going to happen

    4 - you could do some anchorage tour stuff as part of your plan. There are some visitor center type things in town. Add in time for lunch, etc.

    5 - You could tell them you have a flight which means you go to the airport with your bags, you then get off with bags and go direct to car rental bus. Do NOT select Alaska Air or partners as Alaska Air does bag check at the pier.
  9. gazingm42

    gazingm42 Guest

    Thanks for the info. Thats good info about Alaska air checking the bags in. I was really
    worried about that. I may end up picking them up at the egan center????

    If you do not fly Alaska or its partners where do they meet up with their bags at the airport.

    I read if its after 6PM its at the egan center. But will CCL have them shipped to ANC airport
    if I have a rental car at the airport, at my request on the form?


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