Gift Ideas For A First-Time Cruiser?



I have convinced a good friend of mine to go cruising with me and some others in the fall. Her birthday is coming up soon and I'd love to get her a "cruise" inspired or "travel" type gift that she would be able to make use for the Caribbean cruise.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


Have a beach bag act as the "box" for the present and you could put in a phone card, sunscreen and tan lotion, aloe for those times when the sunscreen didn't work. A sun visor for those excursions. A Cruise-Addicts door sign that you can make on the computer with all your names on it. :lol :lol

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One of those around the neck ID card holders to hang onto that darn sign and sail card when you are minus pockets.


We gave my brother-in-law a real nice travel alarm clock for Christmas before his first cruise! He loved it!


Lill (one of my roomies) gave us a cruising gift bag last October that contained a one-use waterproof camera and lip balm with sunscreen (plus some other goodies) and those were GREAT items!!!

Plus, a hanging shoe organizer is a terrific gift--picture of one here... <> -- you can get them at Target.


How about a copy of the ships video? Great way to wet the appetite. Also how about a magazine like Cruise Travel?


a "cruise kit" with sun block, beach towel, wine, etc.

don't forget to include a book or two; especially one on cruising and/or the ports of call you are visiting :)

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Star Cruisers

For Christmas this year, we made up some surprise cruise bags for our teens. Here's what we put in them:

- The gift bag of course was very colourful, like Hawaiian flowers on it.
- a personalized packing list, as well as the itinerary and some facts on the ship (we
spiral bound it as a souvenir)
- a small 500 ml bottle of Canada Dry ginger ale (for the 21 year old, we gave her a
small bottle of champagne)
- a plastic glass with a flamingo base
- a pair of those giant sunglasses (this was a joke gift)
- for the girls, a gift certificate for a new bathing suit (at a bathing suit store); for our son,
a Hawaiian-type shirt (he already had a bathing suit)
- a one-time waterproof camera
- lip balm with sunscreen
- suntan lotion
- for the eldest, because it was her first cruise, we got her "Cruising for Dummies"

Our grandson, who was 3, helped us present the gifts (one at a time) to the beat of "Hot! Hot! Hot! We had a riot!

Other ideas are to get her a shipboard credit, so she can use that towards whatever she wants on-board. Since they were our kids, before we went on the cruise, we gave them some cash for spending money.