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Gifts for crew

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Lady2fan, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    Does anyone have suggestions for little "gifts" for the room steward? I know about phone cards, but anything else that would be good?
  2. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    good question - I never thought about little gifts. The problem I see is that you won't know whether it will be a woman or a man. We had a femal room steward for the first time on the Glory, and she was really nice, I wish I had something for her. But all the male stewards we had so far, they just did their work and were very serious; I really wouldn't know what they would like to get.
  3. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    I have read about people that brought candy and snacks for them and stuff from their home state. I read one post where the family brought a lot of things from their home state (don't remember where) and the steward really liked it.

    Heard about the calling cards too.
  4. ibeemom

    ibeemom Guest

    Another suggestion, is a tshirt from your home state, or a local pro football team, university, etc. These can be used by men and women. They also could be sent home to someone in their families.
  5. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    In addition to a tip, maybe. Otherwise, IMHO it's a great big NO.

    This is a commercial transaction; just b/c this person spends more time w/ you then the average person who you may tip at home does not make them your friend.

    Think about your own situation -- do you want a holiday bonus check or a gift from your boss?
  6. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    Yes, I'm talking about a give upon my arrival. I hear it creates a good "relationship" and makes the Steward really look after you. If I have a good steward, I leave the tip on the sil and sign and still give him or her a extra bonus at the end of the week. I never did the gift on previous cruises, never thought of it till I read it on this board. I was just wondering what other things would be most appreciated by them.
  7. Boymom

    Boymom Guest

    I hand them $10.00 the first day when I meet them.......and tell them this is "extra" but I will need extra ice.........and somedays I won't want them to come in the room during the morning because I will be sleeping late........but if I put the ice bucket out all they have to do is fill it up and then knock on the door........ I like lazy, leisurely mornings because I stay up half the night in the casino.....

    They always get their regular tip at the end........but they LOVE that extra $10.00 up front!!!
  8. Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle Guest

    I think it would be a presumptuous act to present a cabin steward with a gift upon arrival. I really can't understand what makes a person think they know what a crewmember will appreciate other than money. Suppose you give them a phone card as a gift and they have no one to call; or they're allergic to some food product you think they should have? And, you’ll never know this is the case because the crewmember will simply thank you. You've probably pleased yourself but at someone else’s expense is hardly something to feel good about.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Trish's comments aboveâ€â€it’s a commercial transaction, and should be treated as such.

    So to answer your question Lady2fan the only so-called ‘gift’ I would give is $$. And, I’ve yet to give anything upfront in order to create a ‘good relationship and make the Steward really look after’ me. It just has not been necessary on any of my cruises.

    Enjoy the afternoon!
  9. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    WOW are you having a bad day or what? I'm not looking to become his or her friend! I have always found my employees simply like to be thought of. As an employer, I find people always do their best work when they know up front they're appreciated and going to be taken care of well. Yes, money is always good, but if I chose to give something other than money, It's my choice. I don't need to explain myself. I always give a very generous (MONEY) tip for good service at the end of the cruise. I don't feel a gift up front is the least bit presemptuous!

    I never thought of a gift when I went on any of my previous crusies. I READ A THREAD HERE a few weeks ago where several people said they usually did this and it went over very well. I wasn't expecting to be attacked over it!

  10. Denofor2

    Denofor2 Guest

    Gee.. I'm glad I'm not on you guys cruise that give all the extra gifts. It would make me look bad. I give them a tip before and after the cruise. At the end of the cruise they get money if they took my tip at the start, which was when I hang a sign on the door that says "If this ships a rockin don't come a knockin".
  11. Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle Guest

    Who's attacking you, Lady2fan? Also, I don't see where anyone asked you to explain yourself.

    Reread my first paragraph again because nowhere within in it did I direct any of my thoughts specifically toward you, Lady2fan. They are simply my thoughts on the subject matter. Only in my last paragraph were my comments directed to you personally. As far as my thoughts, you asked a question and I provided my answer as to what I thought would be a welcomed 'gift'--$$.

    No, there has been nothing wrong with my day but thanks for asking. :)

    Enjoy the evening, and your next cruise!
  12. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    OH Dean, I'm going to miss you so much if you aren't on our cruise! Dec. can't get here fast enough, my friend!
  13. jedgar

    jedgar Guest

    The vast majority of the gifts given to stewards, wait staff etc. end up in the trash can. The crew members have very small quarters and they are shared with at least 1 other crew member. They have very limited storage space and just have no room for all those personal gifts people give them hence the gifts go into the trash can. The one thing they can use and appreciate is cash.
  14. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    JoAnn --

    I'm very sorry if you felt attacked by my post. I didn't mean that I had anything against thoughtfulness, which I now understand is the point of your inquiry. I think I saw the same or similar thread about the cards. I've had friends give the calling cards but I still personally don't really like the idea. That shouldn't stop you. For what it's worth -- they give $$ up front & the "gift" at the end, after some sort of relationship how ever transient has developed.

    My post was also hopefully designed to say that cards or gifts are not accpetable in lieu of a monetary gratuity. I now understand that it was not your intent to substitute but rather supplement.
  15. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    I think gift giving is a person thing and should be left up to the personal people. yes, they have small quarters and not much storage space but we are talking about calling cards and candy. I think the general idea was these people work very hard and don't see much "dry" land. My family has talked about giving small gifts, as a token of appreciation, NOT in leiu of money. It's a personal choice and I have read those same posts in which it says that the stewards were very appreciative. Yes, its a commerical transaction, but they are people who are basically WAITING on us hand and foot. They deserve a little human decency inmy opinion.

    Can't wait to cruise!
  16. jms367

    jms367 Guest

    phone cards are good, but be aware that most cards are specific to country and area of the world. (example what will work to make a call to China might not work to make a call to Thailand..) And some that you buy from home won't even be able to be used from Miami or any of the ports the ship docks in...
  17. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    Thank you Trish.

    JMS you make a good point, I'll be sure to check that out before purchasing any cards. When I read the thread a while ago, the idea of a phone card struck me as a good one, because of a conversations with 2 different crew members on the Victory. They were both telling me how hard it was to stay in touch with their children because calls were expensive.

  18. frito

    frito Guest

    One needs to understand that to the crew you are just another passenger that he / she will be seeing for a few days for the first and last time, very likely for the rest of both your lives.
    I don't understand why some folks feel they have to become best friends with someone
    who is doing a job they get paid to do. The best gift anyone can give these people is to treat them with the respect they deserve, be friendly and not overly demanding or overbearing and tip well if warranted. If I were to be remembered at all I had rather be remembered for a couple of days as being a nice person to deal with than as giving gifts that may or may not be liked or appreciated. ( reminds me of the old western movies wherein the the whitemen always gave the Indians trinkets of some sort. )

    Treating people with the respect and dignity they deserve has served me well for 20+
    cruises, resulting in good service which resulted in good tips.

    Anyway I'm sure the flack guns will open now up but--- hey--- I can take it.
  19. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    You are absolutely right, frito, about treating each crew member with dignity & respect. I don't know of anyone who is looking to become a friend. The only "trinket" I would ever consider would be something I could be pretty sure would be used and appreciated. These men and women work very hard, very long days and don't see their family very often. Yes it is a job, but how many of us would do it?

  20. I am with you JoAnne! NO reason for you to be attacked.... Let me just say , thank god their are some people out there that still have kindness as a quality....

    I have given phone cards ...not all the time and never up front.... I think that is better at the end of the trip. There was a point made about the person not having anyone to call and that is a valid point. SInce the employess don't get paid alot at all and rely on tips, I would give them extra money at the end of the trip if you want to give them something.

    Have a good day

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