Glacier Helicopter Tour



<HTML>It's mid morning here in the west, so good morning all. Need some advice. We'll be boarding the Radiance VERY SOON and for hubby's birthday present, am sending him on one of the glacier heli. tours. (He is so anxious - I will wait on the ground.) My questions are: should I pre-book through RC and if I do, what if the weather is unfavourable? If they don't "fly", do you get your money back? If I don't prebook, what are my chances of the tours being filled up once we get to Juneau?

Would sure appreciate any advice, suggestions. Thanks and have a great day.</HTML>



We are leaving on the Radiance cruise May 26 and we have prebooked the helicopter excursion for my husband. I am sure they will refund our money if the weather is too bad to fly.

Like you, I am staying on ground and letting hubby have the excitement of the helicopter tour. That just wasn't my thing.

We didn't want to wait til we got on board as SOMETIMES the excursions are all filled.

Now they may not give back the money immediately but may send it through mail to us at our home address. I am not sure how that works but I have faith they will refund in case of bad weather.</HTML>



I'll be going in August. I booked helicopter glacier tour in Juneau independently, through Coastal Helicopter. It is cheaper than the ship & they're well aware of the ship's dates & times. Also, they do NOT charge your credit card until you actually take the tour, just the credit card number to reserve.



<HTML>I did the helicopter glacierr tour a few years ago and loved it. My wife refuses to go again this August. Be aware it has a history of accidents.</HTML>


<HTML>We booked with Coastal before we sailed the Sea P. last Sept...
Was the experience of a lifetime!!! Saved some serious cash too...
My girlfriend was going to pass, but I talked her into it... she was so happy she went... don't miss it.</HTML>


<HTML>We went to Alaska about 2 years ago and I booked the helicopter with Temsco tours.We were on Holland America and that was the same com-any they used for thier tours.We got a group rate with some friends and saved about $50 per person.It's grate and you shpuld not miss it.For most of my people they thought it eas the highlight of the trip.</HTML>