"Glitch" on Cruise package



Yesterday was the 2 week mark before our vacation starts. We leave for LA on the 12th of March then our cruise begins on March 15th. We still do not have our cruise documents. I called the TA and he told me that a "glitch" has occurred at Royal Caribbean but has assured me that the documents will be here next Wednesday. Has anyone else been told about the glitch??

Is there anything I really need to get on the ship in the package I am waiting for? If I take our passports and print off a set sail pass will I be okay if my TA has screwed things up??

I am gettting really really nervous now!!



There is nothing that is going to be mailed to you that you need to get on the ship. All you need is your passport and your SetSail Pass, which you obtain online. Follow the procedures for online check in then printout your SetSail Pass. This must be done more than three days prior to embarkation. You can pick up luggage tags at the dock.

Are we there yet

You don't need any of what was in the "documents" package. I'm looking at mine right now.
It's a book - about the TV guise size and about 3/4 of the book is infomration on shore excursions.

It's been a while since I sailed with RCL and I was sort of expecting more.

Everything can be completed online and bag tags picked up at the pier.

I would also check with RCL and make sure everything is BOOKED PROPERLY - just in case.

They may argue with you since it's booked with an agent - just insist on speaking to a superviser.


Typically when making a booking with Royal Caribbean they will ask if you want documents shipped or to do electronic documents on line. I believe if you do your on line check in it gives you the option to request paper docs. E-docs are mandatory if booking within two weeks of sailing.

Just do your on line check in and print out your docs as Cruizer suggested and you'll be just fine.


Thanks everyone! I am feeling a little better!

I actually spoke with Royal Caribbean and the TA again and I now have a tracking number and it states that the documents are here in Mississauga...that means (in my head) that I should have them by Tuesday at the latest.

Our suitcases are packed and now waiting for our departure on March 12!!!!