Go john(nj) go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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John got his regular size wheelchair yesterday. He somehow managed to get onboard, wheeled himself to an activity, THEN wheeled himself to PT using his right arm and leg. Only to find out he is not to leave his jail cell without someone....... Susie is finding out this morning if the Dr permitted him to venture out on his own.

I wonder if they can evict him, since his rent is paid for this month. I will get more details/facts later this afternoon.


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Hey - way to go John(NJ)!!! That shows will power and we are proud of you!! Looking forward to reading more Runaway stories!! :cheer:


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Way to go John(nj), I still would like to see John & Maw in a place together, just think of the fun they would have.
Keep up the good work!!!!

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:biggrin:Go Baby GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!...thanks so much for the update..

:whistle:I'd pay big bucks to see John and Maw in the same place too....LOL..hugs Suer.....Joanne


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We are getting so much good news lately........thanks for the great news about John. He's not going to let this keep him down.