Goff's Cay - Belize



I just saw some pictures posted of Goff's Cay in Belize. Belize is one of the ports that I will be stopping at in October. I'm not much interested in cave tubing since I am a "beach person" and this beach looks great. How do you get to Goff's Cay? Is it part of a shore excursion or do you get there by taxi? I have read that Belize is not that safe a place. Is that true?



We are also going to Belize later this year, and I have been searching for info online. I dont know if your particular ship will offer a tour there, what Ive seen online looks like passengers are getting themselves there using independent companies. From what I understand, once you tender into Belize City, you can then grab water taxi's to the different cayes (opperated by local companies). I can put some of the site links here that I looked at and found helpful.


We are planning to use Coral Breeze and take their tour to Caye Caulker... we are wanting a relaxing, laid-back day and that is the impression I get from reading about that particular caye. However, the one you mentioned does seem to be more for those who want to snorkel and swim. Good luck, and let me know if you come across anything else interesting.


You can take a water taxi to any caye for $17.50 round trip.There is a web site with schedules.With in walking distance from pier.


I don't believe the water taxi goes to all the cayes. The posted prices in 2003 were for Caye Caulker and San Padre. San Padre is a little further and a little more expensive. I think people are doing Goff's Caye as an excursion and not on their own. This is a rather new port. There was one speed boat at the dock that was looking for a large group of people that wanted to rent it but, even if we had a large group I would be a little nervous that we were not going to be picked up on time although of course we wouldn't pay until the return trip so it probably wouldn't be a problem.