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Going on Zuiderdam? Can you help my sons?

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Lady Jag, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Mr Veendam

    Mr Veendam Guest

    Hi what date are you going on ? My boys are the same age . We are going on august 16th .
    Mr Veendam
  2. csj

    csj Guest

    Hi, we're going June 7th, and yes, with a 14 yr. old son and we're hoping he can keep busy with other teens, but when I tried to book the half-moon teen deal, it wasn't on the website...am thinking that maybe they wait to see if there's enough interest. It's a bad age, if he doesn't have fun, he'll certainly let us know. We have 3 sons, the other 2 are older, wish we could've afforded cruises when they were all young because our family vacations would've been easier (atleast on Mom) We always had to stay within a 200 mile radius of home because they were so bad in the car, or should I say restless and at each other. So now we take the cruises and have 2 mini vans, our timing is way off. Oh well, maybe it's better this way, there's probably no way I could've gotten them all dressed up for dinner every night on a cruise...atleast, it's pretty much a guarantee you'll enjoy yourself and they can fend for themselves for a week, they won't be driving and they'll always be within 150+- yards.

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