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golden-emerald deck



Can someone tell me how much obstruction there is on this deck and is there noice from the lower promenade deck.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


I was on the Emerald deck on the Grand in June. My cabin was suposedly fully obstructed. I fully anticipated seeing only orange out of my window. We were really pleasantly surprised when we got there. The lifeboats were considerably lower than the window. There was no obstruction outside of our window at all. We had a beautiful view and lots of light. Our friends who also had a "fully obstructed" emerald deck room had the exact same great view as we did.

Since Golden is a sister ship to Grand, I would think your cabins would be the same.



What cabin were you in on the Emerald Deck? My parents have cabins on that deck for the 9/29 Grand Princess and I was wondering how obstructed their view would be. They and their friends were assigned E417 and E419.

Thank you!


We were on the Emerald deck right above the Vista Lounge and experienced no noise at all except for one night, we could sligtly hear a voice on the microphone down stairs. Couldnt even make out what he was saying. Just keep in mind, there are 2600 passengers and another 1600 or so crew all on one ship. So understand that you may hear some people having a good time here and there. You cant expect not to, everyones on vacation! But in regards to the cabins, they are well insulated for sound. Have a great cruise!!

Lou in MA

We were in room E110 on the Golden. This is one of the few rooms on Emerald with No obstructions. It was at the Bow but I never heard any noise from either the halls or the flor above.

But the one time the anchor was lowered .............. Wow !!