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Golden/Grand Princess Repo Cruises

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by SpongeRob, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. SpongeRob

    SpongeRob Guest

    We got a brochure "for Captain's Circle members only" that decribed Med cruises on the Golden and Grand Princess. At the end of their season, they will make transatlantice crossings from London (Southampton) to New York. They are offering a cruise tour including airfare from New York to London, three nights in London, then the crossing for about $1850 pp (cat K). Upgrading to an AA cabin is an additional $850 pp. Is this a good deal, and am I stupid not to be booking it right now?
  2. Repo sailing can be a good value and many times stop a different ports.

    We did the Crown Princess Trans-Atlantic in August 2000 from Copenhagen to NYC, 17 days stopping in Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, London, Greenland, Iceland and New Foundland before ending up in New York. It was outstanding.

    The price sure sounds very good to me, in fact, I may just have to look into it myself.
  3. SpongeRob

    SpongeRob Guest

    The one I'm considering only offers a single stop at Le Havre. But 6 or 7 "at sea" days could be very relaxing. I'm thinking about it...I have more than a month to make up my mind, plus it would be a great opportunity to see friends in England that I haven't seen for quite a while.

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