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Golden - New York

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Fernanda, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. Fernanda

    Fernanda Guest

    Does anyone have any directions on how to get to the pier in NY? We just got our documents and it does not say. We have never sailed from NY and are not sure.

  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    It's very easy, the piers are on the west side of manhattan, between 47th street and 57th street. If you tell me where you are coming from i can give you better directions.
  3. casey007

    casey007 Guest

    You can go to www.nypst.com for directions and a map with pictures. We are sailing on the Golden 9/21/02.
  4. Fernanda

    Fernanda Guest

    Thanks - we are coming from NJ
  5. casey007

    casey007 Guest

    So are we/
  6. Ray

    Ray Guest

    We drove in from NJ for the Golden 9/14 sailing. The Cruise Piers are easy to find, per the directions on their web site, but I would allow a little extra time for traffic. We came up from midtown Manhattan (Lincoln Tunnel) and had to go 'way uptown and turn around because of all the people trying to get to the cruise treminal. We arrived early and the ship left LATE, so we had no problem. You may want to stay in touch with your TA to make sure the ship is leaving on time. Probably it will.
    Hope this helps.
  7. Fernanda

    Fernanda Guest

    Ray - thanks for the info. You mentioned that you followed the directions per their web site. Who's web site were you refering to?

  8. Ray

    Ray Guest

    NYC Passenger Ship Terminal Directions

    It's mentioned in a previous post. A piece of cake, I promise. Have you ever driven in Manhattan? Head uptown and make a left around 47-50th Street. If you end up in the river, you've gone too far.

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