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Golden Princess Cabin Question

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Michelle19, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Michelle19

    Michelle19 Active Member

    Hi everyone,
    Ok, so my husband gave me the credit card over a week ago and told me to "book it"! We are so excited. We are doing the 14 day to Hawaii in April. I have been on your site for a week trying to figure out how to pick our cabin. Im so confused that I decided to go ahead and just ask.
    We want a balcony of course. All the decks are confusing if you've never done this ship, so I don't know, front? back? High? Low? We don't get sea sick if that helps. IF anyone has a favorite cabin or deck on Golden that could help me choose, that would be so great.

    Oh and/or should we do the guarantee? Is that a good thing? That is what I almost did before I decided to ask my questions to you all.

    Thanks a bunch!! Michelle
  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Well-Known Member

    My Princess experience is limited. I don't know the Golden well enough to tell what is a good cabin. But I can get you headed in the right direction.

    Bow = front
    Aft or Stern = back
    Port = left (port has four letters, left has four letters)
    Starboard = right (when standing on the ship facing forward)

    Low and middle has the least amount of movement.

    Princess has different kinds of balconies (I'm referring to kind - not size here). Some balconies are fully covered. Some balconies are half covered and half exposed. Some balconies are fully exposed. By exposed I mean someone from above looking down can see the balcony (the following picture is from the Caribbean Princess) ...


    The balconies on the far right are fully exposed. You can see the entire balcony. Moving up one level (the balconies just to the left) are half exposed and half covered. They are considered standard balconies, but are in fact bigger than the mini suit balconies (which are the fully exposed balconies). If the Golden has this kind of a balcony, then that is what I would recommend. Many of the people that post on this board have been on the Golden and will know if the Golden has these half covered/half exposed balconies. Moving up one level (again to the left) are two decks of fully covered balconies. You can not see them in the picture because they are fully covered (but they are there).

    As to a guarantee - a guarantee is neither good nor bad. If you are willing to let someone else pick your cabin for you, you get a slight discount and you get a chance for an upgrade. Now, understand, an upgrade can simply be (and most likely will be - if you get one) the same cabin (a balcony cabin) in a better (better in the cruise line's eyes - you may or may not agree) location. You could get upgraded to a mini suite, but that is very unlikely (but it does happen). You will not get anything lower than a balcony, but you don't get to choose which cabin you get. All you are guaranteed is a balcony or better.

    Also, check to see if the Golden has any suites without balconies (the Caribbean Princess does). If you really want a balcony, then you may not be happy with an "upgrade" to a suite that does not have a balcony.
  3. Michelle19

    Michelle19 Active Member

    Thank you for that detail. I appreciate it. That helped a lot. Now, when I book, Which deck? How high? Maybe gurantee would be ok with us.? We just want a balcony, doesnt matter how big, we would like it covered, but who's to know?
  4. Snowblower

    Snowblower Well-Known Member

    Prior to picking a deck go to the Princess site and pick out a "style" of cabin first. If you want a balcony you have a choice of a balcony double, mini-suite or a fullsize suite. Look at the room layout for each cabin and the 3D viewer so you can decide on the layout. Once you get a style picked out the choice of decks will be reduced because certain styles are only on certain decks. For instance the mini-suites are only on Dolphin and Emerald decks. The balcony doubles are on Caribe, Baha, Aloha & Lido decks. There are quite a few differences between styles and the pricing. Once you pick out a style it will be easier to decide on a location.

    The Golden is a beautiful ship that just received a face lift....we have sailed on her a 1/2-dozen times.
  5. Michelle19

    Michelle19 Active Member

    Gotcha. Going to go look a the 3D now. Gotta book today before DH changes his mind. :)
  6. Cbreeze

    Cbreeze Active Member

    The balcony size on Caribe deck is the best. It offers about 1-1/2 more in size than the other decks. Also you have a covered portion as well as uncovered portion.
  7. Michelle19

    Michelle19 Active Member

    Thank You Cbreeze, I ended up doing a guarantee. Today they emailed me with my cabin number. L222. I originally picked Caribe as the deck we want, but ended up with this cabin. Hope its sweet. It looks pretty forward. We are so excited! :)
  8. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    It is a nice location
  9. Michelle19

    Michelle19 Active Member

    Is It? We have never been so forward and Ive heard people complain about being so far in front. We have been on a few cruises and never got sick, but than again, we have always been in the middle. Gonna be an adventure!! yay.

    Thanks Jeanie, I needed those encouraging words!
  10. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    Michelle - since you've been assigned your Category, which is BA...and have been assigned a cabin...L222 - you can now contact your TA, or Princess, if you booked through them, and request another cabin in the BA cabin category.

    Looking at the deck plan, you are on Lido, which is a great location. Your cabin is a bit forward and if that worries you, you can ask for a cabin closer to the elevators maybe...or, see if there is anything on Caribe deck mid-ship.

    It never hurts to ask. Also, it would be good for you to have the Lido and Caribe deck plans in front of you when making the request, that way you can look at the location and say yea or nay at that point.

    Good luck, and if you decide not to change, then don't worry, you have a great cabin! :doubleup:
  11. Einstein

    Einstein Well-Known Member

    Agree with others that the Caribe Deck is the place to be as the balconies are LARGER and partially covered. :boogie: That being said U will probably be fine in your location with the only concern being that U are located directly under the Teen Center. :whistle: That could mean a bit more noise unfortunately. :madd: We ourselves prefer to be farther Aft as the Terrace Pool at the Aft end of the Golden is our MAIN pool that we like to use. Good Luck and enjoy that cruise to the lovely Tropical Paradise they call Hawaii. :doubleup:

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