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Golden Princess Cabin Question?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by SharonCruise, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. SharonCruise

    SharonCruise Guest

    I'm ALMOST ready to book but am a little confused and was hoping someone here could help.

    Would prefer to actually pick out my own cabin. Am considering several on the Caribe Deck but was wondering which would be better 1} Port Side with the extended balcony like Cabins 302 & 304 that are half covered and half open OR 2} Aft like Cabin 752 which would have views from both sides and back? Are the Aft Cabins like the port ones being half open and half covered? It doesnt look like the balcony on the aft is as large as 302 and 304 or am I seeing it wrong in pictures?

    Input (Pros and Cons of these) and all other awesome cabin selections would be most welcome.

  2. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Sharon, my very favorite standard balcony cabins are those at the aft. They are fully covered, oversized like the side ones on Caribe, and best of all have that hypnotic view of the wake trailing out behind the ship for miles and miles... ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    I think the reason they don't seem as large is that they are fully covered. It's tough to tell depth in pictures when they're covered.
  3. SharonCruise

    SharonCruise Guest

    Thanks Amber for the quick reply...:) So the aft cabins are completely covered not half and half like the others on Caribe? Will I still be able to sun on the balcony?
  4. id

    id Guest

    Sharon, C302 and C304 are wheelchair cabins for the handicapped. I'm sure you wouldn't want to deprive a handicapped person of an available wheelchair cabin!
  5. SharonCruise

    SharonCruise Guest

    Thanks ID, I knew they were handicapped cabins but according to my TA you can book those rooms and in the event they DO need it, we could be moved to another of the extended balcony cabins on Caribe Deck or upgraded elsewhere . If they don't, then we get to enjoy the extra room.

    But in any event, no I would never deprive a handicapped person a room that they required.

    Is it considered bad etiquitte to book one of these rooms to begin with?
  6. id

    id Guest

    Bad etiquette? I would think so.
    Suppose a handicapped person wishes to book directly through Princess, and is told there are none available. Wouldn't you feel terrible if you found out? Why not book the cabin next to C302 (I think it's 256)?
    I think your TA is being quite inconsiderate.
  7. id

    id Guest

    Another thought, Sharon.
    The "cabin next door" is really ample for 2 people, and the balcony is MORE than ample. It's not going to cramp your style in the least. I'm sure you'll have a great cruise!
  8. SharonCruise

    SharonCruise Guest

    I think your making a big deal out of nothing!

    IF a handicapped person wants to make a reservation for that room thru Princess, then Princess would move ME somewhere else and give it to them! They would NOT tell them there wasn't a room available.

    You know, excuse me for asking a question. I haven't booked the room, for goodness sakes. And furthermore, I suppose if I have questions in the future, I'll try to find another cruise forum where the people aren't so judgmental.

    Thank you BurBunny for answering my question in a respectful way without making me feel like I was being extremely inconsiderate as well as stupid. Not all of us have cruised before and KNOW everything!
  9. Kathy & Dave

    Kathy & Dave Guest


    We have stayed on the caribe deck on the Grand. We had the last cabin on port side. It was a great location. It is half covered, but we hardly ever saw others using their balconies, so privacy was never a concern to us. I liked it that way, it gave me a chance to have shade or sun certain times of the day.

    In October, we will have our first aft balcony (C753) on the Golden and are so excited! There is a great picture of this type of balcony on Lori's site. Go to
    Skyscraper Tours, on the left towards the bottom is a list of reviews and pictures. Click on the Golden Princess Review and follow Lori's links to the pictures. I think the picture is several pages into it, just keep looking.

    I hope you enjoy your cruise!

  10. SharonCruise

    SharonCruise Guest

    Ohhhhhhh, thank you so much Kathy!!!!!! The pictures are GREAT!:) I really like the idea of the aft cabin because you can see more and on both sides.

    You will have to give an update after your cruise. The Golden is really beautiful and I think anybody would have to "try" real hard to NOT have a wonderful time.:)
  11. id

    id Guest

    Sharon, my apologies to you if I seemed judgmental. I realize that you're new, and was merely trying to explain. Your TA is familiar with how things work, and he/she is the one who should know better.
    Again, I apologize to you.
  12. April

    April Guest

    Sharon-- choose the cabin you want---- Princess is well aware of the cabins and whats available--- Cant tell you how many people I spoke with and even my wonderful TA-- who is an expert--- if your cabin is needed -- handicapped -- you will get bumped--!!!!! . I booked a cabin and it wasn't listed as handicapped--- found out afterwards-- while asking some other questions--- Princess thanked me for bringing to their attenditon. I did have a friend that -- thought she knew it all--- and tried to tell me differently--- just too bad I had to cancel the cruise----
    Enjoy whatever you choose----
  13. SharonCruise

    SharonCruise Guest

    Thanks for saying that April....:) I thought I had done my research and thats what I was assured by my very good TA also.:)

    I just hate all these decisions! Want this trip to be our best ever and now I'm flip-flopping between cabin selections. I guess it's the "afraid I'm gonna miss out on something" syndrome!

    I hope you get to re-schedule your cruise soon!


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