Golden Princess Roundtrip to Hawaii from La



Just booked Golden princess 15 night round trip from Los Angeles October 1, 2008 !

Great Price Lori ! Thanks

Call and ask her about the Sun City Aliante group special Only $100 pp deposit until 9/18/07 for cruise in 2008



We are considering this itinerary for February, 2009. We would plan to fly in a day early from Cleveland and stay a day late.


Now who REALLY wants to go to Hawaii??? :grin Congrats on the booking and the Gr8 deal. :thumb Hawaii is a tropical paradise that U enjoy VERY much. I believe our next visit there will be of the Land variety after having already cruised there. Just too much to see and NOT enough time to see it from a cruise ship. =shrug That being said we REALLY did enjoy our cruise as it gave us a bit of overview so that we know where to go to when we return for the Land Cruise. :dance



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The cruise from LA to Hawaii, I hear the seas are very rough crossing the Pacific. I am thinking of a November cruise any one have advice


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Your question is tagged on to a 2007 post.

Ocean crossings are always unpredictable - you simply never know. I have crossed the Pacific numerous times - Circle Hawai'i cruises, from the Mainland through the South Pacific to "Down Under", from the Mainland to Hong Kong, usually in our Fall, Winter, Spring months. I've had all kinds of weather, from mirror smooth to choppy.

I highly recommend Circle Hawai'i cruises if you don't want to spend those two weeks ashore, flying to/from the Islands.