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Suer - after reading your review it seemed that you were not that happy with the cruise or should I say with Princess. You kept refering on how things are done on Celebrity. It seemed to me that by reading other reviews, Princess was better then most cruise lines.

I have never taken a cruise before but I am on the Golden next month. Is there anything that I should be concerned about?

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Fernanda- As I stated in the beginning of my review, it was based on questions that were asked of me prior to sailing as well as sailing. Is Princess better? Better than what? Every cruise line and ships have good points and bad points. Every cruising experience is different. If you have paticular concerns please feel free to email specifics. If not, then have a great cruise as I am sure you will. The only concern that you might have is trying to figure out what cruise line, ship and itinerary you will do for the next one.


my wife and i sailed on golden princess sept 25 for 15 days-bar, spain to ft. laud, fla. great cruise and a GREAT ship==we have cruised on princess 17 cruises==never had the first problem yet==you will enjoy this ship==and remember / if you want something , jusy ask for it==and you may get it because they want you back for another cruise==the William

G. johnansen

I have been on that vessel as a guest entertainer and I can tell you this;
1) princess cays is like a sea day or a day on your local beach-nothing fancyAND a short stay to boot!
st. thomas and St. maarten are typical tourist islands in the Carib!. On st. maarten spen the money and travel to the french side for lunch-it is worth it!You'll still be back in time to shop cheap. st thomas is not the shopping haven it used to be prices are not much cheaper although you won't pay taxes. lot's of sea days