Good Friday morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicits around the world.

We have an grey and cloudy morning here today. Looks like we can expect some rain showers during the day, temperature should be in the low to mid 50's. According the weather forecast, weather should change into nice sunny weather tomorrow and on Sunday, hope they are right.

Bon voyage, all you lucky ones who head to the cruise ships this weekend, hope you have the best cruise ever.

Everybody have a great day.


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Good Morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

Once again it looks like it will be a cloudy day. We will probably get some light rain showers in the afternoon.
The temperature will only be in the mid 50's. What a difference from the Texas temperatures...

I wish you all a nice Friday!



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Good morning all,

Had an amazing sunset last night. Didn't know what it would bring this a.m. But, the weather is lovely, sunny and blue skies. I have to go out and water everything! Claims of rain for 3 days never happened at least enough to matter. Welcome fall! You all have a great weekend.

George C

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Good morning everyone, another day in 90's here , pool water was still 85 yesterday but will be cooling off next week, will do pool again today, Cabaret last night was fantastic, small place just seat 100 but great music , mostly Sinatra style ( which this singer is great at) but some other 60's classic's also included , 4 piece jazz band , another great thing was everyone there was listening to the music no talking during the songs.


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Although it is past early morning I can tell you I awakened this morning with special joy. The cancer specialist found NO MORE cancer in my husband. The whole day with a lighter step, a smile on my face and a thank you, God, in my heart.