Good "LUMI"-morning from Helsinki



Hei kaikki !
Now it has happened. When I took my dogs out this morning, I noticed the ground was white, It was covered with something that You would call " White Stuff". Even my new car was decorated with that stuff ! Good thing I changed my winter wheels last monday !
As You allready know, we here call it "LUMI",and it is nothing dangerous, but COLD !
The temo is now 0 C / 32 F, so I think we are going to loose that LUMI, but anyhow
"Let's be carefull out there, it might be slippery !
PS I'll try to get a photo, but I have to wait for sunrise , that will, I hope, happen at 8 o'clock !
Have a nice Hump-day !


Good morning @ddicts! Well, it is only 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday here in the Pacific. Miss you all but we are having a great time.....very windy and cloudy today but that didn't keep us from enjoying. We are off to the show shortly...John Davidson is headling.

Tero, I don't look foward to the white stuff myself! BTW....Spirit is a GREAT ship. Dreading the time we have to depart...but, still got 3 more full sea day :)



Good Morning All cruise@ddicts.. Have a great Wednesday all. Tero, keep that cold and white stuff..burrr.. Guess I better check to see if our favorite waitress needs a warm coat for that treck over to the Navigator in Findland.


Good morning Tero, and a good morning to all us @ddicts. Denise you be sure to enjoy every second of those "sea days." Well here in Joisey, that "Nor'easter that SW so aptly predicted is now bearing down on Toms River N.J. The full force of it should hit around 9:00 am e.s.t. and contiunue through 1:00pm. It will be an uncomfortable day but we do stand to get around 4 inches of rain along the coast which will help the drought restrictions. I am off to go workout and then to the "pressure cooker" to work. Hope all is well with everyone, take care and try to have a fabulous day. Regards...........Gene W.


Good morning all, well Tero we don't have Lumi here, but we do have rain. NY's Hudson Valley started to get rain around 4 p.m. It's not heavy or windy yet... good day to stay home, but off to work! Happy sailing.

Rotterdam, Oct. 29

red stripe

No Lumi here... thank heaven :grin... just a wet day with a temp right now of 60* Brrrrrr
everyone have a good day...and let be careful out there.
cheers, :cheers

Kathy Atkins

Ut oh Tero! I guessed by your post that you've had a visitor come your way in the form of some "white-stuff"! Looking forward to seeing some pic's of that! And here's to wishing the rest of my C@-Family a "Happy-Hump-Day"! Woke up to a very chilly morning here in Georgia, right now it's 57-degree's, damp and only gettin up into the 60's today. Everyone have a safe and pleasant day, be careful out there! :wave


Good monsoon morning to everyone. Yup SW (or is that Seawall LOL) gave us good info on this Nor'easter. It started bearing down on us last night and hasn't let up since. Already got a couple of inches rain and the wind is really picking up.


Good morning, from a foggy and windy Boston. We're having light rain, more to follow later today. The wind is really howling, though. I'm glad I brought the deck chairs in -- thanks for the heads-up Seawall!


Good Wednesday morning to you Tero and all @ddicts. We finally got some good rain here (Florida), thanks to the first cold front of the year. No funny white stuff here! :lol Everyone have a great day!


Good Morning from Duluth Minnesota! It was a heat wave of 17 degrees when I left for work this morning. Will be up to a roaring 29 before the day is out so I am glad I have not put the shorts away for the year yet LOL.


Good morning from the Missouri Ozarks. A little chilly here today but to be expected in Oct. PEB sounds just like your kind of weather there. Off for weekly shopping.

Have a good day all and please stay safe.