Good Monday morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.

If you don't mind, I will post the good morning posts here, until the old usernames will work in the new general forum.

Monday morning starts grey and rainy, this is also my first summer vacation day and the weather looks not so nice. Next week to New York, hope the weather will be nice and warm like it's been on my previous visits that has taken place during the summer months.

Yesterday was so strange, we had sunshine and thick fog back and forth.
Everybody have a great day.

Photos below were taken yesterday.

Silver Whisper by Christoffer Löfhjelm, on Flickr

Fog and sun by Christoffer Löfhjelm, on Flickr

Suomenlinna/ Sveaborg by Christoffer Löfhjelm, on Flickr

Rope by Christoffer Löfhjelm, on Flickr


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Good Morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

It looks like it will be partly cloudy to cloudy with some rain showers and a temperature in the 60's today.
Still no real summer.
I have 3 more weeks of work before my summer vacation, but would not mind some summer like weather.

Great photos from Helsinki and Suomenlinna, Christoffer! If the weather is nice I will go to Suomenlinna next time I'm in Helsinki (my first summer vacation day).

I registered and tried the new forum layout yesterday, and while it was quick to post in it there was no possibility to post photos, only links to photos which made it feel more like some kind of chat room. I like photo reviews and photos in forums in general as I think it contributes a lot. If there will be a possibility to add photos directly in the threads it might be rather nice, but otherwise I'm not sure. According to the forum supplier it's not made for photos, just plain text if I understand it correctly. We'll see.
I wish you all a nice stat of the new week!


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Good Morning Cruise @ddicts

I hate the new set-up -- don't know how much longer I will stay here.

Missed all the bad storms yesterday. Today should be nice.

Love the pictures Christoffer.

George C

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Good morning everyone, nice day here sunny and will be 90 later, retired exactly one year ago, so far so good, will just spend most of the day in the pool today


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Good Am all. Just the new board and no posting. Glad to see some here. As George said sunny here today. Will get out and about later. Nothing else happening here.

Everyone have a great day


I forgot to add I agree on the photos. I would really miss them.
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Hi Gang I didn't realize there was still a forum up in the Old formate. Sunny and 83 degrees right now and heading to 90. Had a wonderful Father's Day cook out yesterday with oldest two DDs and SILs, just adults as all the kids are away at camp or the beach with friends.

Hope you all enjoy your day. Kathy, if you see this please email me at nieciez at yahoo dot com


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Christoffer....what wonderful photos! Gazing at the Fog and Sun photograph took me on a mini vacation today! Thanks!